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WorkPride 2023: How to Secure a Career in Tech

The tech industry offers so much potential, and so many areas of employment for prospective hires. Over the course of the hour, our panel of industry experts will sit down to discuss their experiences working in tech services, the state of play for LGBTQ+ in the sector, and how you can begin your journey to securing a career in tech - including what to expect when you start your career! 

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- Join the next WorkPride 2023 event: WorkPride 2023: Women and Non-Binary People in the Workplace: Lessons in Inclusion

Sponsored by: and Lloyds Banking Group

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  • M
    Anthony Francis
    Anthony Francis
    Senior Manager, Chief Technology Office
    Lloyds Banking Group
    A fast thinking, enthusiastic and confident individual, Anthony has featured on Top Future Leader lists both within the Financial Times and Yahoo Finance. As well as being highly organised, Anthony has strong stakeholder management and communication skills that enable him to perform well when facing complex and challenging tasks. With a range of experience within project management, organisation design and business management, Anthony works very well under pressure and is able to think innovatively. Anthony is also very passionate about inclusion and diversity where he leads a number of key initiatives within Lloyds Banking Group where he is the Role Model and Intersectionality Lead for the Group’s LGBT+ network.
  • George Wright (he/him)
    George Wright (he/him)
    Senior Communications Officer
    Houses of Parliament
    I am the Senior Communications Officer for an MP in the House of Commons, with a history working at myGwork as the Head of Community Engagement. My undergraduate was in Law at the Royal Holloway College, University of London, and I'm always keen to answer questions :)
  • M
    Emma Smith
    Emma Smith
    Head of Talent
    Creative Assembly
    I oversee Creative Assembly's Talent pipeline and been with the studio for more than 10 years, seeing the studio grow to over 500 people strong and multiple awards including BAFTA's and GI.Biz Best Places to Work 2017 and 2018. As lead of CA’s Legacy Project and a part of Top 100 Most Influential Women, my team and I drive forward the studios long-term commitment to education, community and charity. From playground to industry, the Legacy Project works to give people the skills needed to become the games development talent of tomorrow and promote games as a power for good.
  • M
    Beatriz Solano Blanco [She/Her]
    Beatriz Solano Blanco [She/Her]
    Head of Sales Effectiveness
    Colt Technology Services
  • Mai Levi
    Mai Levi
    Account Executive
  • Shagun Virdi
    Shagun Virdi
    UX Designer
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