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WorkPride 2024: Combatting Hate Speech and Discrimination Online

This panel discusses the challenges posed by hate speech and discrimination in online spaces, explores strategies to create inclusive online communities, and promotes digital citizenship and responsible online behavior. Register now!

This event is supported by and Primark. inclusive employer

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About myGwork:

myGwork is the global LGBTQ+ business community. We offer a safe space for people to connect with inclusive professionals, find jobs, attend events, and catch up on the latest LGBTQ+ news.


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    Saski .
    Saski .
    LGBTQ+ Inclusion Specialist Consultant
    Saski is a well established LGBTQIA+ Inclusion training consultant in both schools and the workplace. She is also a Life Coach and Mentor,  Official PRIDE Host, Interviewer for Podcast, Radio and online. Panel Moderator and Singer.  Saski’s mission is to positively spotlight the LGBTQIA+ community through these various strands of her work and create environments where everyone can be their true authentic self.  In addition she is also a Pride ambassador for Pride Life Magazine, and a PRIDE365 Champion. Saski has the unique ability to be versatile on a wide range of subjects, whilst engaging both her audiences and panellists, bringing about the best conversations for education and awareness. Humour meets grace and knowledge meets’s what Saski does best.  A keen advocate for positive promotion and equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community and all, Saski has appeared on several BBC TV and Radio shows and panels, promoting inclusion. She has also worked closely with a variety of charities and organisations, as an LGBTQ+ Inclusion trainer, interviewer, and Host.  Collaborations include Inclusive Companies, MyGwork,, Diva Magazine, Pride Life Magazine and various UK PRIDE’s, Mermaids and Diversity Role Models Youth charities, Clexacon, The British Youth Council and P3 Parenting Network to name but a few.  
Find out more here  and follow Saski on Facebook & Instagram @Saskisinger & on Twitter @Saskisinger1
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    Tristan Grayford
    Tristan Grayford
    Software Engineer
    Tristan Grayford is a software engineer and LGBT+ activist based in Edinburgh, Scotland, after moving to the city in 2014. He chairs the Skyscanner LGBT+ champion's network and is one of the organising activist for the End Conversion Therapy Scotland campaign which began the process for delivering a ban in the Scottish Parliament. Outside of his day job as a full-stack engineer he is active as a community and campaigns organiser, specialising in social media engagement.
  • M
    Carly Peterson
    Carly Peterson
    Service Innovation Manager
    Charles River
  • M
    Marta Lima
    Marta Lima
    SRE Manager
    Vodafone UK
  • Dom Evans
    Dom Evans
    Illustrator & Author
  • Dr. Nas Mohamed
    Dr. Nas Mohamed
    Medical Doctor
    Osra Medical
    Dr. Nas Mohamed is a Qatari LGBT rights activist based in the United States. He is the first Qatari to publicly come out as an LGBT person from Qatar. Dr. Nas is a medical doctor and is the founder of Osra Medical providing LGBT medical services in San Francisco. Dr. Nas is also the founder and executive director of the Alwan Foundation, the only LGBT NGO focused on advocating for LGBT rights in the gulf region in the Middle East.
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