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WorkPride Opening Welcome and Our First Panel of the Day: How to Secure a Graduate Level-Job in an Inclusive Organization

Finding a job can be a scary time for any recent graduate. Deciding what you want to do and what sort of organization fits your values and interests can sometimes be a challenging process. All of this might even become more complicated during a pandemic, where the political and economic conditions of the market are everchanging. 

For the LGBTQ+ community, another layer is added with the need of finding a place where they can bring out the best version of themselves. This panel aims to showcase, on the one hand, what organizations are doing worldwide to promote an environment of diversity and inclusivity, and on the other, what skills and strategies graduates can rely on to find the perfect match in their job-hunting journey. 

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  • Sean Farrell
    Sean Farrell
    Student Recruitment Advisor
  • M
    Georgina Crockford
    Georgina Crockford
    Talent Acquisition Specialist
    I'm a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Enterprise rent a car and have been in the company for 10 years! I effectively sell our numerous and varied job vacancies and our company ethos. I also head up the EnterPRIDE Committee at our European HQ. EnterPRIDE is our LGBTQ+ network and it's been running for many years now. It's a united platform for our LGBTQ+ staff and their allies to connect, network and socialize to help in building a more inclusive environment for everyone. I'm an ally inside and outside of work. I have always felt passionate about equality and believe that we need to be all-inclusive. People should be free to be who they want to be, and for that reason, I felt encouraged to be an LGBTQ+ ally.
  • Austin Key
    Austin Key
    R&D Graduate
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