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WorkPride Panel: Aging with Grace and Dignity - A Closer Look at the Older LGBTQ+ Population and Their Needs

With a globalaverage life expectancy of around 73 years old,we can expect to live much more than twice as long as our ancestors, but what does this mean for the LGBTQ+ population?

This discussion panel will explore a range of issues relating to care and support needed for the older LGBTQ+ population.

A range of community organizations from around the world look at the needs and support for the older LGBTQ+ population around the world.

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  • Laila El-Metoui
    Laila El-Metoui
    Equity Educator -Stonewall Lesbian Role Model of the Year (2020)
    Equality Educator | Stonewall Lesbian Role Model 2020 | Helping leaders foster inclusive & diverse workplaces through training and consultancy | Founder of Pride in Education and Educating OUT Racism, UK Queer Arabs and Proud London Councils
  • Robert Espinoza
    Robert Espinoza
    Executive Vice President of Policy
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