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WorkPride Panel: Disability

At WorkPride 2022 we are committed to creating a place where people of all abilities can succeed without barriers. Our goal is to increase awareness, foster a culture of inclusion and help organisations remove impediments in business structures that prevent people with disabilities from thriving and contributing value.


  • George Wright (he/him)
    George Wright (he/him)
    Senior Communications Officer
    Houses of Parliament
    I am the Senior Communications Officer for an MP in the House of Commons, with a history working at myGwork as the Head of Community Engagement. My undergraduate was in Law at the Royal Holloway College, University of London, and I'm always keen to answer questions :)
  • Diane Lightfoot
    Diane Lightfoot
    Business Disability Forum
  • Sunni Patel
    Sunni Patel
    Health Director and Founder
    Dish Dash Deets
    Dr Sunni Patel is founder of Dish Dash Deets; a specialist holistic health and gut health company. he holds over 15 years experience in senior corporate and global roles with experience in strategy, leadership and employee wellness programs also supporting EDI initiatives. He is a clinician scientist holding a PhD on risk factors for diabetes and heart disease and currently a certified PT and culinary medicine coach with a specialist interest in gut health. He discovered the power of plant based foods and lifestyle changes with his personal experience of living with IBD and IBS. He uses this knowledge and experience to coach clients and celebrities and supports companies with recipe development, catering and hosting large employee wellness events globally. He has been featured on the BBC, ITV and has regular health segments on BBC radio shows as well as leading press outlets including The Guardian, Daily Express and The Independent.
  • Naomi-Ria Williams
    Naomi-Ria Williams
    Courier coordinator
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