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WorkPride Panel: Entrepreneurship in the LGBTQ+ Universe

Being a business founder or owner is already a challenging reality in a time where markets are saturated and competition is fiercer than ever. Add being LGBTQ+ into the formula and things might get even more difficult, as the community still faces prejudice and its members might not be taken seriously in some countries or organizations. 

This panel aims to discuss the reality and evolution of entrepreneurship within the LGBTQ+ community, including the many challenges and sometimes opportunities faced when trying to create or expand a business. 

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  • M
    David Hayes
    David Hayes
    Director of Customer Success
  • Lavender Looi
    Lavender Looi
    Co-Founder & Music Producer
    LAVICHI Records
    Born and raised in Malacca, Malaysia, Lavender Looi has spent the last twenty years creating music. Her experience in international music production and songwriting have led her to North America, Europe, and Asia, where she has worked as a composer, producer, and recording engineer for several renowned music studios including Dead Room Recordings and Grand Theft Records. Her original compositions and vocals have been used in commercials for major corporations including KFC, Grab, Gojek, Air Asia and Pizza Hut. Lavender’s talents and love for music recently brought her to Berklee College of Music in Valencia, where she completed a Masters Degree in Scoring for Film, TV, and Video Games. ​ Lavender is the co-founder of LAVICHI Records located in Valencia, Spain, and is a part of the executive team for She Knows Tech, an organization working towards closing the music tech gender gap by creating a community built around education, empowerment, networking, and continued learning.
  • Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker
    Founder & CEO
    Hey friends! My name is Ryan, I'm from Orange County, CA and I'm the creator of a queer pride fashion brand called Outtire that gives back to LGBTQ+ charities in our mission towards global queer liberation! I have a wild obsession with marketing - specifically social media - and how it can be used to empower businesses across all industries. Chatting brand strategies, attending music festivals and annoying friends about the greatness of Star Wars are some of my favorite things to do!
  • Sam Murphy
    Sam Murphy
    Managing Director
    Mortgage Medics
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