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WorkPride Panel: Girl Power! The Importance of Women in the Workplace

Fortunately, today's workforce today more gender diverse than ever. Women make up the majority of all workers nowadays, holding roughly 50% of all professional roles, with 37 female CEOs making it onto the Fortune 500 list. 

Women's participation in the workplace has been evolving, but what does it mean for female peers to truly be themselves at work? What value can women add and how do they generate business value? 

We want to share the experiences of women from different backgrounds, including what it means to be an LGBTQ+ woman in 2022, as inspiration for others to be their true selves in professional and personal settings. 

-What are the challenges this time of post COVID-19 pandemic? 

-Why is visibility and representation more important than ever? 

-What are some of the barriers that stop women from being 'out' in the workplace and how can this be overcome?

-How can we be better allies to each other? Who are some of your LGBTQ+ role models? 

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  • Charlotte Vargoz
    Charlotte Vargoz
    ESG analyst
    Fitch Group
  • Kira Van Niekerk
    Kira Van Niekerk
    Global Director of Training & Enablement
    Thomas International
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