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WorkPride Panel: LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Education

Join us in this panel, which is brought to you by myGwork and Access MBA to hear representatives from top global universities speak about inclusive practices in education and the importance of enabling students to be their true authentic selves. 

The panel discussion will be chaired by Laila El-Metoui from Pride in Education who will invite speakers to talk about the following themes:  

- Universities and their role in inclusion  

- How can students be ambassadors for inclusion?

- The benefits of an LGBTQ+ student network

- Successful inclusion practices and true-life stories  

- Looking ahead, what are the next steps in creating inclusive spaces in education? 

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  • Laila El-Metoui
    Laila El-Metoui
    Equity Educator -Stonewall Lesbian Role Model of the Year (2020)
    Equality Educator | Stonewall Lesbian Role Model 2020 | Helping leaders foster inclusive & diverse workplaces through training and consultancy | Founder of Pride in Education and Educating OUT Racism, UK Queer Arabs and Proud London Councils
  • M
    Angelos Bollas
    Angelos Bollas
    Doctoral Researcher Sexuality and Culture
    Dublin City University
    At the moment, I am completing my doctoral research focusing on representations of HIV/AIDS suffering in post-Trump culture. I am lecturing on courses focusing on Otherness, Queer Studies, and Popular Culture. I also train teachers of English, and I work as a consultant on matters related to LGBTQI+ and education
  • Imran Kanga
    Imran Kanga
    Director, Recruitment & Admissions, Full-Time MBA
    University of Toronto
    Imran Kanga oversees the Recruitment and Admissions team for the Full-Time MBA program at the Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto. With almost a decade of experience in Higher Education, Imran has held several international roles in Marketing, recruitment and Admissions with a focus on high growth markets like Latin America, South East Asia and India. Imran joined the Rotman School to build on the culture of community and collaboration that is inherent in the students, faculty and staff. He is an advocate and example of the School’s focus on students’ academic and career success, its focus on being a catalyst for positive change in the community and the country. Outside of his work, Imran is an avid scuba diver and runner. He has completed two half marathons and hopes to complete a triathlon in the near future. His love for ocean conservation is matched only by his passion for travel and food!
  • M
    Minh Lai
    Minh Lai
    Europe COO
    I am the Europe Chief Operating Officer of Generation based in Paris. I am entrepreneurial with excellent analysis and synthesis abilities and strong project management skills. I excel at creating linkages among diverse stakeholders and mobilising teams for success. I have a strong record at managing complex operations and multicultural teams across continents.
  • Joelle Andraos
    Joelle Andraos
    Manager, Partnership Development, North America
    Advent Group
    I have been working in the media industry and the education field for the past couple of years. Having a passion for different cultures, I lived in Europe, North America and the Caribbean. I have a Masters in International Relations and recently took a course in D&I in the workplace. At Access MBA, I have been developing partnerships with different organizations representing & empowering women, minority leaders and LGBT+ professionals in North America. Our team is very proud to collaborate with myGwork!
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