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WorkPride Panel: The Gaming Industry

The LGBTQ+ community has become a growing subculture within the gaming industry and spaces. From representation in video games to LGBTQ+ gaymers making strides in streaming and content creation, the LGBTQ+ community is firmly embedded in the digital atmosphere. However, it’s not always plain sailing. As hateful communities continue to dominate digital spaces and target the LGBTQ+ community online, more must be done to ensure that queer spaces in gaming - and beyond - remain safe spaces. Join our panel as we talk to both those working in and around the gaming industry, to find out more about LGBTQ+ representation and visibility, as well as the challenges ahead. 

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  • Em Turner
    Em Turner
    Technical Writer
    Em Turner is a technical writer for VMware based in Durham, North Carolina. Before VMware, Em started their career in technical writing at Dell Technologies, where they spent 5 years developing their skills. Em is also engaged with the Pride POD at VMware, and is particularly passionate about educating folks about the asexual and nonbinary communities. Outside of work, Em keeps busy with many hobbies, including knitting, cross stitching, exercising, playing video games, and caring for two cats.
  • Joe White
    Joe White
    I am a non-binary solicitor (2-year PQE in September 2022), campaigner, streamer and storyteller. I have consistently received positive feedback throughout my training contract and post-qualification including on my attention to detail, the quality of my work and ability to foster client relationships. I am heavily involved in campaigning for LGBT+ equality in sport and am currently co-chair of the UK Pride in Football network alongside being co-chair of Arsenal GayGooners and co-founder of England's Three Lions Pride. I also am a trained professional storyteller and a trustee for Mythstories Museum, the "first tangible storytelling museum in the world". I co-host an LGBTQ+ gaming discord server and stream on Twitch in my spare time, focused on uplifting and engaging marginalised queer people within gaming.
  • Chantal Zuurmond
    Chantal Zuurmond
    Production Director
    Electric Square
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