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WorkPride Panel: The Power of Allyship

Allyship is commonly defined as emphasizing social justice, inclusion and equality by members of a certain group or community to advance the interests of an oppressed or marginalized group or community. In other words, we are stronger when we are together. 

For the LGBTQ+ community, it is especially important to find allyship in their straight counterparts, so they have the necessary support to live their authentic lives. This panel aims to explore the very concept, power and evolution of allyship and how it can change the lives of so many LGBTQ+ peers around the globe. 

Actress and disability activist Samantha Renke, joins our panelists to explore the theme of allyship towards the LGBTQ+ community. 

Some of the questions that will be explored at the event include: 

  • Does the word ally best represent support for the LGBTQ+ community?  
  • What does it mean today?  
  • Can allyship be performative?  

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  • M
    Chloë Davies
    Chloë Davies
    Head of Social Impact
    Lucky Generals
    Chloe Davies is a proud bisexual woman, mother of two, a creative, global inclusion & belonging consultant, chef and entrepreneur. Her work sees her campaigning for inclusion and equality in social spaces, corporate organisations and the wider community. She spent over 15 years working in retail, artist management and PR before starting her own catering company in 2015. In September 2021 she took on the role of Head of Social Impact for Lucky Generals – the creative company for people on a mission. Where she will be responsible, in conjunction with management, for setting the company’s social impact goals and ensuring that they are met in the most effective and creative ways possible. The role will be focused on building a sustainable, diverse and inclusive company culture and output. Before this Chloe spent over two years working for Mygwork - The global recruitment and networking hub for LGBT+ students, graduates, professionals and organisations who believe in true workplace equality. As Head of Training & Engagement (Public & Community) she oversaw necessary internal and external conversations surrounding LGBT+ inclusion, training and external consultation. Chloe volunteers with UK Black Pride (UKBP) as the Head of Finance & Governance, working closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees to help shape the future of UK Black Pride. She is the Head of Relations for the London Queer Fashion Show - An annual showcase of fashion, identity, and expression, a Trustee for the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre and an Ambassador for Mental Health First Aid England. She describes herself as a mental health survivor, openly discussing her own journey with depression and mental health and advocates on usualising these conversations both in and outside of the workplace and starred alongside Denise Welch in ‘Depression & Me’ – a short film produced by Mental Health First England which shines a light on lived experience of depression and recovery. In all of her work, which takes Chloe around the globe, she aims to further connect those within the community while educating allies to continue disrupting and push for increased visibility, understanding and appreciation of the communities she works to serve. In July 2021, Chloe was shortlisted out of 52,000 nominees as a finalist for The National Diversity Awards – Positive Role Model of the Year – LGBT..
  • Marty King
    Marty King
    LX Design Manager
    Allied Electronics & Automation
    Learning and Development professional with 18 years of experience, which includes design, LMS administration, and curriculum development with 12 years of management responsibility. I am one of five leaders of our Engagement Squad. This team focuses on engaging employees in activities and educating them on Diversity and Inclusion and environmental protection. I am also a member of SPECTRUM, which is an LGBTQ+ one of our Employee Resource Groups. I am an ally for LGBTQ+ and BLM and an active human rights supporter.
  • Jaromír Staroba
    Jaromír Staroba
    Center Director
    AB InBev
    I am currently Director of Business services center in Prague for ABInBev, world's largest brewer and major global drinks company and also board member of ABSL, Business Services Association in Czech republic. I have spent my career through various different functions (logistics, projects and HR) and geographies (Belgium, UK , Czech republic), started in ABInBev in 2006 as a logistics specialist and was given the opportunity to grow at the pace of my talent. Since being in HR/people function in ABInBev, I became passionate ambassador of diversity and inclusion and ally to LGBTQ+ community, because I believe inclusive worklace enables people to be true themselves. This stimulates their creativity and performance and they become more engaged and passionate colleagues and people.
  • Samantha Renke
    Samantha Renke
    Broadcaster and disability rights campaigner
    Samantha Renke ltd
  • M
    Anghrija Chakraborty (She/Her/Hers)
    Anghrija Chakraborty (She/Her/Hers)
    Associate Director - Compliance
    Professionally: Anghrija is able to make key decisions and recommendations on difficult and important compliance issues. She has a spirit that drives her to do more and is an expert at planning, organizing, and controlling the day-to-day administrative and operational compliance activities of a company. In her present role she plays an essential part in the overall working of her department and is instrumental in ensuring the correct implementation of operational procedures. Her key strengths include carrying out investigations, providing an advisory service to senior leaders, establishing controls and mitigating risks. Personally: Dog-mum. Work. General stupidity. Believe in everyday heroes and fractured fairy tales. Oh, and food.
  • Miguel Mourato Gordo
    Miguel Mourato Gordo
    Director, Global Strategy and Policy Division, Office of Human Resources
    United Nations
    Miguel Mourato Gordo is the Director of the Global Strategy and Policy Division in the Office of Human Resources at the United Nations. He leads the Division which serves as the central strategic authority for human resources policy matters for the global United Nations and rapidly evolving operations of field entities. He is a senior advisor to the Assistant Secretary-General for Human Resources and represents Assistant Secretary-General and Under-Secretary-General on strategic human resources management and policy issues before governing and oversight bodies. Mr. Mourato Gordo oversees the comprehensive approach to strategic workforce planning, developing strategies and initiatives to build a diverse workforce across the Organization. He leads the development of a robust knowledge management system to support capacity building, change management, organizational development and learning, performance management, career development and staff mobility, and succession development through effective engagement with a range of stakeholders, partners and practitioners. Mr. Mourato Gordo has enjoyed a 26-year career in a variety of management areas in the private and public sectors. He previously served as Executive Officer of the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM) (2014 – 2020) and Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary-General for Human Resources Management (2009 – 2014). He has had the privilege to have worked in increasingly complex programmatic fields at both Headquarters and in Peacekeeping Operations in East Timor (UNTAET) and Haiti (MINUSTAH) as an executive manager, programme manager, change agent, advisor and resource manager. Mr. Mourato Gordo holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Oxford and a Licenciatura in Management from the Technical University of Lisbon. He is fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish.
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