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WorkPride Panel: The World of Queer Fashion

The worlds of fashion and queer culture have forever been intertwined. Clothes have long helped shape and articulate identity (as well as restrict it), especially for those whose identities are marginalized or under threat. In this workshop, we will explore how the LGBTQ+ world continues to inspire designers and the fashion industry!

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    Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah
    Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah
    Entertainment News Presenter
    Black Entertainment Television
    Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah is an Entertainment News Presenter for BET, Activist, Freelance Marketing & Branding Consultant and Art Director. His work is always centered around uplifting and platforming the voices of historically marginalised communities, whether that is in his writing, styling and creative direction or in takls that he gives to brands and businesses. At 23, Darkwah became Fashion Editor at Gay Times Magazine. In his time at the publication, he increased diversity and representation, championed emerging home-grown talent and created a narrative with every fashion story or cover shoot he worked on. Darkwah is now contributing to a handful of publications, working for Black Entertainment Television and has focused his work more towards speaking on LGBTQI+ POC issues, shedding light on the experiences of this group and fostering understanding and empathy in workplaces, schools etc.
  • Safia Ann Kukaswadia
    Safia Ann Kukaswadia
    Global DE&I Manager
    Safia Ann Kukaswadia is spirited diversity, equity and inclusion expert. Her corporate experience is complemented by a creative background in luxury fashion retail and the arts and a personal passion for developing and uplifting those around her. A highly motivated and creative professional, with analytical attention to detail and interpersonal skills, she is currently working within the luxury retail sector as part of Burberry's Global DE&I team, and is a founding member and lead for the British Fashion Council’s D&I Steering Committee, influencing and advising on DE&I initiatives with brands and leaders across the fashion and creative industries.
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    Nikki Phinyapincha
    Nikki Phinyapincha
    TransTalents Consulting Group
    Nikki Phinyapincha (she/her) is the founder of TransTalents Consulting Group, Thailand's first LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace consulting firm, aiming to help transform the future of inclusive businesses by empowering LGBTQI+ employees through an ESG and sustainability framework. She helps multisectoral businesses to reframe their diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) policy and practices to thrive profitably and purposefully. She believes in the power of communication to connect and collaborate people for "all" people. As a former PR director for 8 years specializing in branding and communication, she becomes a DE&I speaker, advocating for transgender professional leadership on both the national and international stage, challenging the status quo of traditional social stigma and the business community. She is also the chair of the PRCA APAC Pride Network, the country director of the ASEAN Youth Advocate Network, Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Professional Fellows Program (YSEALI PFP) 2022 awarded by US government and recently the Future List 100 by Koktail magazine. She also plays basketball and competes in the Spartan Race, fills her brain with people and power management books/podcasts, and has a network obsessed with growth.
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