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10 LGBT+ Cooks You’ve Got to Follow

By George Wright, myGwork

Looking for something to do whilst in self-isolation? Why not get into cooking?

With many of us wondering what to do with our time, or looking for something to keep spirits up during these dfficult times, cooking provides a fantastic outlet for creativity, variety, and experimentation. Cooking is an amazing stress reliever, enabling you to eat better and more conciously, as well as saving you money as you avoid the temptation to give in to delivery apps. With junk food linked to depression, you want to be in control of what you're eating at a time when many will be feeling the crunch of self-isolation. Whether you're making a cake using a trusted family recipe, or getting your head around making an exciting new dish for dinner, baking can be massively beneficial to you, according to the Huffington Post. With that in mind, we've decided to recommend our 10 favourite LGBT+ chefs on instagram who we think will have the perfect recipes for you.

Jack Monroe (@jack_monroe)

Jack Monroe (she/them) is a chef, journalist and activist who campaigns around the issues of poverty and hunger relief. Her website, Cooking on a Bootstrap, is dedicated to collecting Jack's recipes that blend worldly flavours and delicious meals with highly affordable ingredients, such as tinned foods. With each recipe, Jack aims to provide a meal that is easy to make as well as outlining how much each serving costs - some as low as 8p per person. A vegan, Jack's recipes also include vegan and gluten free options, a useful addition to many who are seeking recipes they can access and eat whilst at home. In addition to her website, Jack also has a range of cookbooks out and is active on both Instagram and Twitter promoting them. 

Dr Ruth Cooks (@dr_ruth_cooks)

Dr Ruth Cooks (she/her) is a chef and blogger on Facebook and Instagram, where she shares a number of tasty dishes she’s made. Whilst not always handing out recipes (got to have some secrets!), she often provides insights and tips, and passes on where she found the recipes for others to try their hands at. Cooking a variety of different dishes, her feed is lit up with enough food to really make you feel hungry as you have your own go at trying to recreate some of the amazing dishes she has made.

Ted Allen (@thetedallen)

Where would a list about LGBT+ chefs be without including Ted Allen (he/him), the original food and wine connoiseur from Queer Eye? Now with the Food Network’s Chopped, Ted’s recipes can be found on their website and they will certainly keep you cooking for a while! Over on instagram Ted shares events going on in his life as well as snapshots of some of the amazing food he eats. Give it a look, and we’re sure you’ll be envious…

Ruby Tandoh (@ruby.tandoh)

Great British Bake Off Finalist Ruby Tandoh (she/her) is a columnist and chef who advocates for a healthier and more positive approach to food writing. Many of her recipes can be found online on websites such as The Happy Foodie, and the rest are available in her cookbooks. We think they sound delicious and we’re sure you’ll agree! Over on her instagram, Ruby posts some of the most aesthetically-pleasing desserts we’ve ever seen, and we’re certain we want some.

Hannah Hart (@harto)

Youtube star Hannah Hart (she/her) ran the fantastically successful series My Drunk Kitchen where Hannah and guests would cook a meal (recipe provided) with a corresponding drink (recipe also provided). Famed for its comedy, the series watched the pair slowly descend into intoxication whilst making a wide variety of dishes - whilst we can’t endorse getting drunk and cooking, it’s certainly entertaining to watch Hannah do it. Her recipes can also be found in her various cookbooks which can be found online. Over on instagram Hannah provides updates on her life, and the amazing stuff she’s got going on. Check her out!

Brian Hart Hoffman (@brianharthoffman)

Brian Hart Hoffman (he/him) is the editor of the successful online recipe book, Bake From Scratch. From bread to pastries, cakes to beverages, the website provides a plethora of fantastic recipes that will keep you in the kitchen for hours trying to make such tasty treats as these lemon sugar cookies. Hoffman’s instagram doesn’t let up on the sweetness either - a non-stop celebration of the tastiest desserts and treats we’ve seen. You’ve got to have a look.

Soraya Sobreidad (@sorayasfiercekitchen)

‘The Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking’, Soraya Sobreidad (she/her) is an inspirational chef providing constant recipes on her blog, Soraya Sobreidad that enable you to bring Latin food into your diet with ease. Overcoming a number of challenges in her life such as struggling with her weight and sexuality, Soraya turned those challenges into successes and now lives authentically as herself whilst creating amazing dishes. Talking to Ted Allen on Chopped about being trans, Soraya continues to push boundaries and this can be seen on her instagram, which follows Soraya at LGBT+ venues and events, partaking in LGBT+ history.


Ceyenne Doroshow (@doroshow)

Enjoy American Southern food but never quite sure you’d bring it into your kitchen? Look no further. Ceyenne Doroshow (she/her) is a life-long activist and chef, advocating for causes surrounding trans and sex workers’ rights. Her cookbook, Cooking in Heels, reimagines many Southern favourites with Carribean twists that have us dying to have a bite - and now we can with easy to follow recipes written by Cayenne. Her instagram is a promotion of many of her causes, including GLITS, the Gays and Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society, a trans foundation founded by Ceyenne.


Antoni Perowski (@antoni)

Another entry for the Queer Eye team: Antoni Perowski (he/him) is the food and wine connoiseur in the new iteration of Queer Eye, transforming people’s diets with simple tricks. On instagram he provides tips and demonstrations to his followers - particularly useful at this time - as well as creating a variety of interesting and flavourful recipes. You can find some of them here, and the rest in his cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen. Sometimes, it’s the simple tricks and tips you didn’t realise, or the subtle changes in the food you eat, that can have all the difference to your diet and how it affects you.


Julia Turshen

Julia Turshen (she/her) is a food writer and food equity advocate who authored Now & Again: Go-To Recipes, Inspired Menus + Endless Ideas For Reinventing Leftovers - a cookbook which has many saying it helped them fall in love with their leftover food. As the importance of minimising food waste continues to grow, Turshen’s recipes to transform the leftovers in your fridge will have you making the most of everything you have. For other meals and recipes however you can look to Turshen’s instagram, where she provides insight and tips into her cooking, hosts discussions around food, and shares some of the amazing dishes she’s prepared.

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