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5 Tips On Getting That Dream Job


1.     Get out of your own way!

Don’t limit yourself, or set up easy excuses for not pursuing your dream career. Putting yourself down limits your perspective of yourself: if you don’t see yourself as worthy of applying for that dream job, then why would you apply? Don’t talk down your skillset either, just because you weren’t specifically trained in something at university doesn’t mean you don’t have the life skills and experience.

2.     Believe you can achieve it and you’re halfway there

Just like when you go in for a job interview, your mission is to show the interviewers you’re more than capable for the job, and there’s no way you can do that if you don’t believe it yourself. If you don’t believe you can achieve your dream career then you never will.

3.     Make sure it’s what you really want

Ask yourself: what would I do with my time if money wasn’t a worry? Whose career am I jealous of? Figure out what you love and what you’re good at, remembering that your core values are key. Go to network events and ask people to explain their job to you, go on myGwork and find mentors who work in the occupation you want to be in and start a chat.

This quick guide might help you too. 

4.     Let your worries go!

It’s completely normal to be afraid about changing careers, especially if you’re earning good money too. But ask yourself: what’s the point of having a high salary if you feel miserable all the time? Let go of your worries about the future, and embrace the possibility of an optimistic future. Don’t let anxiety hold you hostage.

5.     Plan, plan, plan

Once you know what you want, start putting a plan into place. Sort your goals into realistic steps you can achieve – and write them down! Consult with various professionals, go to networking events, look around and find a good career advisor. Having a solid plan will ease some of your worries, and give you permission to start!

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