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"Ultimately, our support of trans rights is feminist"; An Interview with Deon Fang

An interview with Deon Fang (He/Him), London Trainee


How has Clifford Chances' LGBTQ+ Network, Arcus, reacted to the pandemic?

The London network, and Georgie in particular, jumped into action when the pandemic started. We knew that it could be a particularly difficult time for LGBTQ+ people, since the lockdown could cause isolation from others in the community or difficult situations for people in the closet. We started doing weekly Queer Film Club calls, which really made me feel connected to Arcus members on a regular basis.


Moving all our interactions online also meant that the barriers were lowered for people to join events. We had a fantastic roster of online events for Pride month, including a voguing workshop that people across the office joined, some with their children or flatmates. I was able to dial in to events from across the global network this year, and learned a lot from our colleagues in other offices.


What was your proudest moment as an Arcus member?

I was proud to be a member of Arcus when we mobilised the firm to respond to the government's proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act. We were initially on a call to hold space for each other, but quickly shifted the discussion to activism and our potential to influence policy as members of Clifford Chance. I was particularly proud that we worked with Accelerate>>>, the gender parity group, to ensure that the firm's response was united. Ultimately, our support of trans rights is feminist, and it was inspiring that the different networks of the firm could come together in solidarity.

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