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Famous Dublin Drag Queen Veda Comes Out As HIV Positive

Famous drag queen Veda from Ireland has released a music video for ‘I Came Out One Night’ which is a dedication to anyone coming out of the closet, “especially HIV positive people like Veda and trans people like Lady K,” ‘GCN’ reports. 

Veda is now using her platform to create awareness of HIV stigma and has used this anthem to share her experiences coming out.

Ireland’s LGBT+ community has praised the song and its message.

Pixie Woo said: “Proudest drag baby in the world, such an incredibly powerful video.”

Victoria Secret tweeted: “Veda and Lady K bring you their coming out anthem and it’s beautiful. Super proud… please go watch, share and get into it.”

Shirley Temple Bar said: “Coming out is hard: finding the words, finding the moment, finding the courage. Many of us know that particular journey. Sometimes music does it best. Here’s “I Came Out One Night”, from the music project from Veda and Lady K which comes out Saturday.”

Watch the music video below:

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