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Fox News Segment Goes Off the Rails with Deeply Homophobic Guest

A Fox News segment meant to discuss Drag Queen Story Hour – the growing trend of drag queens reading to children in public libraries – went completely off the rails with a deeply homophobic guest ranting about “homosexual deviancy”.


The segment, which aired on The Ingraham Angle on Thursday (June 13), allowed anti-gay activist Arthur Schaper to talk about the recent backlash to the children’s events.


“You have adult homosexual men going in to a public library and reading to children. That alone should be setting off alarms,” he said.



“We’re not talking about diversity here, we’re talking about deviance. We’re talking about perverse and destructive lifestyles being advertised to children as if it’s normal.”


Host Laura Ingraham asked him to stay on the topic of the story hour but he instead held up a homophobic propaganda bookThe Health Hazards of Homosexuality.


“We’re talking about degenerate, perverse entertainment… here’s a book that people should be reading to understand at length what’s going on with this whole agenda.”


Ingraham’s producers then cut off the speaker, with Ingraham saying, “Don’t hold up props! Here’s one thing I don’t like on this show, people with props. This is not a segment to promote one particular group.


“We are trying to find out what’s really going on here. People have legitimate concerns on both sides of this issue.


“What is the point of doing this with kids? Is there a point? We wanted to have a really good conversation.”

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