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Lib Dems promise assisted dying debate and gender law change

The Liberal Democrats’ manifesto includes a pledge to allocate time for a parliamentary debate on assisted dying and a promise to reform the gender recognition process.

In a chapter titled Rights and Equality, the party states it would legally recognise non-binary identities, according to ‘The Standard’. Currently, only male and female genders are recognised in UK law. The Lib Dems also propose eliminating the requirement for medical reports for those applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC).

At present, individuals seeking legal recognition of their affirmed gender must submit two medical reports written by two different medical doctors or clinical psychologists in the UK when applying for a GRC. Additionally, the party pledges to abolish the spousal veto, which necessitates married applicants to obtain their spouse's consent to acquire a GRC.

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Party candidate Layla Moran has previously highlighted the “injustice” faced by trans individuals whose married spouses have a “veto” over their legal recognition as their preferred gender.

In the same chapter, the manifesto commits to “give Parliament time to fully debate and vote on legislation on assisted dying for terminally ill, mentally competent adults with strict safeguards, subject to a free vote.” The issue of assisted dying has gained increased attention over the past year, particularly after Dame Esther Rantzen expressed support for a change in the law, revealing she was living with stage four cancer.

Efforts towards changing the law are also occurring in Scotland, the Isle of Man, and Jersey, with passionate arguments from both proponents and opponents. Sarah Wootton, chief executive of Dignity in Dying, welcomed the manifesto pledge on assisted dying, noting that voters will be “asking their future MPs to give them the choice they are calling out for.”

She added, “All eyes are now on candidates of all parties, to see if they will commit to standing on the right side of history or defend a law that is dangerous, uncompassionate and more than 60 years out of date.”

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