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myGwork Joins Global Business In Urging Boris Johnson To Reform the Gender Recognition Act

A number of companies, including Disney, Microsoft, Google, myGwork, and 132 others, have told the UK government to “make progress for the trans community”.

70 of the organisations have written directly to Prime Minister Boris Johnson telling him to protect trans rights and reform the Gender Recognition Act (GRA), just two days after a Trans Pride protest in London. Reform of the GRA was a central request at the event.

Trans activists have been worrying for months about Britain’s future direction on their rights, with the UK government having promised to reform the Gender Recognition Act since 2017. 

As ‘Gay Star News’ reports, equalities minister Liz Truss stirred the fears when she made her first remarks about her agenda. In them, she indicated she may crackdown on trans rights, including public bathroom access. Some trans people even said they may flee the UK as they were so worried.

The 136 companies, including Aviva, BP, CITI, Expedia and Sky, hope their support will show business is firmly behind trans Britons.

Their statement says: “Trans rights are human rights. We value trans people as our employers, customers and colleagues.”

LGBT+ campaign organisation Stonewall has organised the signatories. Nancy Kelley, chief executive of Stonewall said:

“We’re proud of all the business leaders who today are ‘coming out’ for trans equality. All these companies are sending a powerful message to trans communities that leading businesses have their backs.

“Across the UK, corporate leaders are speaking up because they care about protecting and supporting their trans colleagues, customers, friends and family.

“At a time when trans rights feel increasingly under threat, the diversity of all these businesses taking part today shows there is a wealth of support for trans people at the most senior levels of British industrial and cultural life.

“But we can’t be complacent. If we want to live in a world where every trans person can be themselves, each of us must use our voice to challenge transphobia and take action to create more inclusive communities.”

Meanwhile, trans campaigners are expecting the government to reveal its plans in the coming weeks.

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