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myGwork Academy Offers 200 LGBTQ+ Allies the Opportunity to Get Free DE&I Training Qualification

 To celebrate the launch of myGwork Academy, myGwork is offering 200 LGBTQ+ allies the chance to trial its launch course entitled, LGBTQ+ Allyship in the Workplace, completely free of charge. 

myGwork’s new e-learning hub offers innovative, practical and relevant training that works to create inclusive environments for all. However, myGwork’s latest polling suggests that six out of 10 organisations currently don’t offer LGBTQ+ inclusion training. But if companies and individuals are serious about creating inclusive workplaces, better education and training is a must. 


One of the biggest benefits of trialling the launch course is that not only will it give you the opportunity to trial the platform completely free of charge, but it will also provide you with a relevant and invaluable diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) qualification, which you can add to your CV and LinkedIn profile as it’s considered to be a huge asset by current and potential employers.


Another benefit of trialling the newly launched platform is that unlike traditional and general corporate diversity training programmes that do little to challenge or stamp out ingrained prejudices, stereotypes and misconceptions, the modules developed by the myGwork Academy are different. The content is developed by DE&I specialists with specific LGBTQ+ inclusion expertise and is highly interactive and practical, with relevant simulations and a variety of gamification and media to hold user engagement. All modules conclude with both a certificate of achievement and a call to action to drive the tangible behavioural change that will build inclusive workplaces for all. 


Additionally, for company leaders wanting to train their employees with relevant and practical DE&I training that truly works, all of myGwork Academy’s modules can be seamlessly integrated into your organisation’s learning management systems, removing the burden of administrative set up and helping organisations focus on what matters – getting impactful training to the front line. 

For the opportunity to be considered for the free trial, you must be a member of the myGwork community (also completely free of charge), and simply fill out the contact form on the myGwork Academy page here.  



Click here for more information about the myGwork Academy. 







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