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Parenting through COVID-19

By Charlotte Summers and Zoe Schulz

COVID-19 has introduced a new way of working and many parents are now subsiding to their homes due to Government rulings. In most recent news the UK is currently contending a full lock down, which forces many parents to now work from home with their children. With schools shut, education is at a halt and now parents look to juggle work life, parenting and educating their child to ensure they don’t fall behind.


To truly understand the extent of the damage, we’re going to explore this new reality with the help of LGBTQ+ parents and professionals to understand our new world.



LGBTQ+ Parenting


Parenting is no plain sailing and parents often state they go to work to “get peace and quiet”. But with no escape how are parents coping under these new stresses?


We spoke to Laura-Rose a Strategic Account Director at RED BOX Group and founder of LGBT+ Mummies Tribe on Instagram. With a busy schedule Laura-Rose is in her words “very lucky” in the sense that her wife supports and helps throughout the day with looking after the children, although there are still challenges ahead.


Whilst we discussed the effects of COVID-19, it became apparent that Laura-Rose’s children were in the background with the odd “be careful” whilst her children were playing. But understandably, to some parents this juggling act of work and parenting will collide. As Laura-Rose expressed, there is a worry that this will be seen as “unprofessional”, but this new sense of reality means that organisations may have to drop their professionality when parents are raising a family whilst working.


For parents, protecting their children from any dangers or upset is a necessity. With the Government enforcing stricter rules, questions are soon to follow from inquisitive minds.


“My children are now asking so many questions and understanding how to navigate these discussions in a child-friendly manner can be challenging due to the seriousness of COVID-19”