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Top 5 activities that improve mental health

By Halaina Tak, Sigma Law Specialist at Reed Smith

1). Music. Whether you play music in the background, take time out to listen to songs, or dance to your musical choices, it is widely accepted that music boosts an individual’s mood, motivation and helps an individual to relax.

2). Physical activity. This is particularly important if your job requires long periods of sitting at a desk. Going for a leisurely stroll during lunchtime ensures that you maintain an active lifestyle, getting some much-needed sunlight and fresh air, and gives your mind a break from the office environment.

3). Hobbies. This keeps your brain active, and depending on the activity, it gives you events to look forward to. Activities can range from puzzles to watching sporting events such as football.

4). Socialise. Social interaction is important as it allows us to express our mood and feelings whilst enjoying the company of friends and family. Take some time out to ring friends and family rather than text as this allows for a more honest and enjoyable conversation.

5). Healthy diet and consistent sleep pattern. Eating a balanced diet and having a consistent sleeping pattern is important to ensure that you do not feel tired and sluggish. Having a routine helps your body and mind to adjust and embrace the week.

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