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Stonewall Co-Founder and Gay Rights Activist Resigns from Labour Party

Gay rights activist and Stonewall co-founder Michael Cashman has resigned from the Labour party after backing the Liberal Democrats in the EU elections. Lord Cashman sits as a Labour peer in the House of Lords.


“I can’t trust Corbyn or the people around him on the defining issue in postwar Britain so on Thursday I will not be voting for the Labour Party,” he wrote on Twitter after voting Lib Dem.


“As [former Conservative] Matthew Paris said, I am not a Liberal Democrat, but I support their absolute consistency. Voting Libdem in the EU elections.


“I think I’ve just resigned from the Labour party by declaring that I will support the Liberal Democrats in the European elections.


“Heart broken. But sometimes the issues are far too important to shirk or ignore. The Labour Party will do what it must. But it will not do it with me.”


The Labour party has not officially commented on Lord Chashman’s exit, although Labour MP Wes Streeting said he was “so sorry that Labour’s abysmal and unprincipled position has led to losing one of our party’s heroes.”


“Michael is a great man – truly one of our country’s great pioneers for equality,” he added. “His critics aren’t fit to tie his shoelaces.”

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