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Three French drag queens are carrying the country’s Olympic torch

These three French drag queens are making significant contributions in multiple ways. Nicky Doll, Miss Martini, and Minima Gesté were all selected to carry the Olympic flame as it journeys to Paris for the Summer Games in July.

Last Saturday, French drag queen Miss Martini achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first drag queen to carry the Olympic flame, as she announced in an Instagram post.

According to ‘Yahoo! News’, following her, Parisian drag queen Nicky Doll, who hosts Drag Race France, carried the flame the next day. In an Instagram post, Doll expressed that it was an “absolute honor to have carried the Olympic torch.”

Image Credit: Canva

Doll also utilised her Instagram platform to advocate for a ceasefire in Palestine. “Even though I usually prefer to act on things rather than hope for them: I would like to use this opportunity to hope for the immediate ceasefire in Rafah and for dignity to be brought back to Palestine and its people who tremendously suffered throughout these awful times and beyond,” she wrote. Additionally, she expressed her hopes for “the safe release of the Israeli hostages,” and urged that people should not “allow racism, Islamophobia and anti-semitism to run wild again.”

Another drag queen, Minima Gesté, is set to carry the Olympic torch on July 14 in Paris. However, Agence France-Presse reported earlier this month that Gesté has faced homophobic and transphobic harassment due to her participation in this relay leg. Despite this, Mayor Anne Hidalgo stated, “I reaffirm my full support for her.”

“One of the messages that I want to carry is the pride in my community because 10 years ago having a drag queen carry the torch would have been unimaginable,” Gesté told the news outlet.

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