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Trans Woman Killed In Puerto Rico After Using Women's Bathroom

A trans woman, namely Neulisa Luciano Ruiz, also known as Alexa, was shot and killed in Puerto Rico after someone called to report that she was using the women’s bathroom at a McDonald’s restaurant.

According to ‘NBC News’, a video of the attack has been uploaded to social media.

“Hey, can you give me some of that ass,” one person is heard saying. 

“We are going to shoot you up.” 

“Let’s spin the tires on this motherf——.”

“You bet I am going to go and shoot him.”

Then at least 10 shots were heard. 

Pedro Julio Serrano, a San Juan-based LGBTQ activist has demanded that the case be treated as a hate crime.

“We must denounce the hate speech of the fundamentalist groups that have promoted a climate where they prosecute and persecute a trans person for the mere fact of using a bathroom,” Serrano wrote in a statement posted in his website.

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