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5 Tips for an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Recruitment Process

By Gabriele Silva, Recruitment Director for VF Corporation in the EMEA region.


Before the list, I give you a reminder that each contact and conversation with a candidate should reflect your company culture and your commitment to inclusion and diversity (eg. being open minded, creating a safe place for a candidate to be free, allow to ask questions, share actions and commitment etc.).


  1. Everything starts with a Job Advertisement, so ensure these are encouraging diverse applicants to apply
  2. Ensure that the recruiters and hiring managers are aware of their biases and know how to handle them
  3. Share an LGBTQ+ employee's experience and share details about Employees Resources Group (ERG) groups and specific initiatives
  4. Pick a diverse hiring team to make sure that various candidates’ profiles feel welcome and represented
  5. When relevant, offer candidates to connect with an LGBTQ+ employee to share their experiences about the organization culture
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