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LGBTQ+ History Month at VF Corporation

Rebecca Webb and Janneke Stam at VF Corporation share how they will be celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month this February, providing details of the devoted work their Pride employee resource group is carrying out.

Photo by William Fonteneau on Unsplash

LGBTQ+ History Month at VF

This February is the first of two months out of the year where our employee resource group VF Pride goes big! The second, of course, being Pride Month in June. This year, we have split our initiatives into two categories: education (allies) and celebration (LGBTQ+ community). LGBTQ+ History Month will be all about education for our associates across EMEA, starting with the launch of VF Pride’s new intranet page – this will be a one-stop shop for additional info, resources, events, and our previous webinars and newsletters. Secondly, we will be sharing coming out stories from our VF colleagues in the form of posters with QR codes spread across all offices throughout February. We’ve gathered many different perspectives and can’t wait to share these with the rest of our workforce. We’re also organizing a webinar with our Pride collection partner ILGA, to discuss the human rights situation across different countries of Europe and why allyship is still essential. Finally, we will encourage people to have important conversations during their coffee breaks by supplying a LGBTQ+ fact with every mug. Topics include the origin of Pride, LGBTQ+-free zones in Poland, and more.

VF Pride EMEA Bio

Our VF Pride employee resource group (ERG) aims to increase awareness on important LGBTQ+ topics to further VF’s commitment to creating an inclusive culture where associates can be their authentic selves. It was launched in September 2020 as part of VF’s EMEA Inclusion & Diversity Network. Our group is led by Rebecca Webb (chair) and Janneke Stam (vice chair). We connect, engage, and empower the VF Pride community by raising awareness, organizing events, and making positive changes which allow for a truly inclusive work environment.

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