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Finastra inclusive employer

At Finastra, we're OPEN, TOGETHER

At Finastra, we all belong! Each unique individual - with their own ideas, thoughts, cultural beliefs, backgrounds and experiences. This puts us in a position to be exceptional, to learn from one another, embrace and celebrate our differences, and create an environment where everyone can feel safe to be themselves and contribute to Finastra’s success.

We want our people to know that not only is it good to be different but, in fact, we value it! The best ideas, the best products and solutions, and the best places to work, all come from embracing diversity and ensuring inclusion. We’re on a mission to break through barriers to create a workplace where everyone is open, we all feel included and accepted for who we are. That’s #LifeAtFinastra and that’s what it means to be OPEN, Together.

Our People Pledge

Our people are our greatest asset. And our People Pledge is our commitment to our workforce in return for the skills and value they bring.

It is made up of 3 pillars:

1. Your future is open, we are a skills-based enterprise ensuring you stay relevant and grow in your career.

2. Our culture is open, a global open culture where you can be who you are and everything you may become.

3. Your opportunities are open, inspiring you with complex and interesting work so that you can challenge the status quo and make your mark.

So welcome to Finastra where we are truly, OPEN, TOGETHER.

About Finastra

With more than 7,000 of us across 48 different countries globally we collaborate, create success, and contribute to making Finastra one of the world’s leading FinTechs.

At Finastra our purpose is to unlock the power of finance for everyone. We build and deliver innovative, next-generation technology on our open Fusion software architecture and cloud ecosystem. Working with approx. 8,100 customers, including 45 of the top 50 banks globally , our scale and reach allows us to build long-lasting relationships that put our customers and their customers first.

We’re creating a pioneering open platform that’s disrupting the financial industry, changing how financial software is developed and used. We have an unmatched portfolio of financial software and deliver mission critical solutions for financial institutions of all sizes, on-premises or in the cloud. Our open architecture and platform approach embraces a wide ecosystem of partners and co innovators. Together we are leading the way in which applications are written, deployed and consumed in the world of financial services.

Our Values

Our company culture reflects our shared values and beliefs that influence our behaviours and how we work together to achieve our purpose. Our values are at the core of how we behave. While we come from different backgrounds, experiences and cultures, our values and expected behaviours are what we have in common. Our Finastra behaviours are our values translated into the habits we can see; they highlight HOW we act towards others or conduct ourselves – they bring to life how we behave as a COMMITMENT culture. 

Working at Finastra

We believe that our people should feel seen, heard, valued and that they belong at Finastra.

We continue to build a culture of togetherness where the moments that matter to our people, and to Finastra, are opportunities to foster a true sense of belonging – because we know that it’s our people that are the social glue that makes Finastra a great place to work.

As a truly global organization we are uniquely placed to empower our people with flexibility:

• to be responsible in the day-to-day decision of where & how they work, within the needs of their role, or as a member of the Finastra team

• in how they socially connect with their colleagues (through the opportunities & tools we make available) whilst focusing on their wellbeing

We commit to shaping the moments that matter to our people and to Finastra to create a great place to work.

Proud at Finastra

We perform better when we can be ourselves. At Finastra our aim is to create a safe space where we all belong. Our guiding principle is that all our people are encouraged to bring their whole selves to work and embrace colleagues regardless of background, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and any other personal characteristics. These values are particularly important to us as the Proud at Finastra employee resource group - Whether you are an Ally or a member of the LGBTQ+ community, this is a safe space where everyone belongs!

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