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IG inclusive employer

About IG

We’ve been changing the financial services game since we were founded in 1974, when we invented a whole new category of trading. Today, we provide trading and investment opportunities to people worldwide, and have operations in 20 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and North America, with over 400 000 active clients globally. Our head office is located in London.

IG Group is a dynamic fintech and a global leader in online trading and investments - we power the pursuit of financial freedom for the ambitious through our versatile trading and investment products.

We continually challenge ourselves to develop the world’s best technology, platforms, products and exchanges – opening up a wider range of trading and investment opportunities to ambitious people around the globe.

And we know our success is only possible because of our people, who we encourage and empower to be brave, determined and inventive. Join us if you’d like to work in an inclusive, collaborative team that will recognise your talent and allow it to shine.

What we offer

At IG, you’ll be part of a trailblazing business, where you’ll get the support and tools you need to do game-changing, career-defining work and achieve more – together. You’ll work in an innovative, agile environment that offers you endless opportunities for learning and personal development. You’ll also benefit from our hybrid working model, which will allow you to enjoy a better work-life balance and always bring your best self to your role.

We exist to power the pursuit of financial freedom for the ambitious. To do this, we bring together diverse perspectives and people who want to take on the challenge of solving tough problems as a team. We strive to invent new ways of delivering the world’s best trading and investing experience to our clients. And that’s how we drive our business forward and grow.

In short, at IG Group, we back our people to achieve more – together.

We value your uniqueness

Our business spans 20 countries across five continents. You’ll work with people all over the world in a company that welcomes diversity. No matter your race, age, sexual orientation, gender, identification, faith or culture, we’d be proud to have you be a part of our community here.

IG has a very active LGBT+ network. The network is open to everyone at IG regardless of sexuality. Whether you're gay or straight (allies), all welcome! Over 200 IG employees have joined so far.

The goal of IG Open is to support the specific needs of employees who identify themselves as LGBT+ and to provide an open forum where people can network, exchange experiences and speak comfortably about any matter.

For those straight employees who support IG Open– our allies – it is a great opportunity for them to give their backing to the group's aims. After all, only with the support of the whole company can we really nurture an environment where all employees can perform to the best of their ability, regardless of sexual orientation.

IG Open has sponsored multiple events and activities: IG’s hub drinks, London Pride, cupcake day, sponsored BFI Flare Film festival, the Red Run and several other LGBT events. 

Life at IG Group

Join IG, and you’ll be joining the best in an always-moving industry. Find out more about what it means to work here – have you got what it takes?

Stay ahead of the curve

By keeping creative thinking at the heart of our business and never settling for ‘good enough, we’ve continued to lead the way in retail trading and investments. If you share our forward-thinking ethos, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to grow here.

Be on the right side of history

We’d rather create a long-term relationship than turn a quick profit. So we’re looking for people who champion the client – who go the extra mile, who develop technology that empowers and delights, and who take pride in giving customers the best possible experience.

Bring your whole self to work

Enjoying your job and feeling like you belong at your company shouldn’t be a luxury. To us it’s a business sense, so we want you to love what we do here.

You’ll work and socialise with like-minded people as part of an inclusive culture, and your views will be championed.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

We believe that a diverse workforce brings creative energy to our business, powers innovation and sets us up for continued global success. We’re committed to developing teams of individuals with a wide variety of perspectives and skills to help us realise our vision and strategy. So we welcome people of any age, ethnicity, culture, faith, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation or physical capacity who connect with our values and bring something fresh to our business.

If our people become disabled, temporarily or permanently, we provide continuing employment wherever practicable in the same, or an alternative, position. We give them appropriate training and/or graduated back-to-work programmes, and enlist assistance from occupational health professionals to do this successfully.

Through our global employee networks, each of which has executive sponsorship, a formalised annual plan of activities and dedicated funding, we support and celebrate our people’s diversity.

We also nurture relationships with organisations that promote diversity in our industry. These include Code First: Girls and Stonewall, a UK-based organisation that campaigns for the equality of LGBT+ people.

We’re proud to maintain an environment free from bullying, where people of all grades and positions are treated with dignity and respect.

You will work in a purpose-led environment


We’re an organisation of positive problem-solvers united and inspired by our purpose, which is to power the pursuit of financial freedom for the ambitious.

Ambitious people all share similar characteristics, no matter where in the world they are – they’re driven and self-directed. We exist to help them in their pursuit of financial freedom, but we acknowledge that this means something different for everyone. Through innovation, we can power every ambitious person with market-leading technology, platforms, products, exchanges and educational resources.

We work towards achieving our purpose by focusing on our strategic drivers:

• Every ambitious person

• Products that power

• Inspiring experiences

• Tuned for growth

Underpinning our purpose are our core values:

• Champion the client

• Learn fast together

• Raise the bar

These values direct our strategy and are reflected in every initiative we deliver, shaping our interactions with our clients, our shareholders and our own people.

Make a difference

We’re a proudly carbon-neutral company that’s committed to creating a better world. We never stop trying to find new ways to minimise our impact on the environment and build a sustainable future. We’re also passionate about elevating the communities around us by improving social mobility and increasing the quality of education.

To help us achieve the positive change we’re striving for, we developed an ESG strategy – the Brighter Future framework – that focuses on four key areas: products, people, partnerships and best practice. We’ve set ourselves ambitious goals and targets for each area to keep ourselves accountable and ensure that our strategy remains an important part of our day-to-day activities.

Our employee-led networks support the diverse needs and interests of our people, giving everyone a safe space to connect with like-minded colleagues across the globe, share experiences and contribute to charitable causes. To support these initiatives, we have dedicated budgets and executive sponsorship, and our people get two additional days off during the year for voluntary work. Our networks include:

• IG Inspire: focuses on our women’s professional and personal development

• IG Open: supports our people who identify as LGBT+ and allies

• Black Network: facilitates a supportive, inclusive environment for our black employees

• PACT: creates a place for parents and carers to share advice and experiences

Enjoy a hybrid working environment

As part of our hybrid working environment, you’ll split your time between home and the office. In this way, you’ll be able to enjoy a better work-life balance and always bring your best self to your role.

At the office, you’ll have access to everything you’d expect from a world-class employer, such as a modern working environment, agile spaces, private quiet rooms and breakout areas. Plus, all our offices are located in iconic city centres, close to everything you might need for a rewarding working experience.

How you will grow

Your personal and professional development is important to us. As a company that’s constantly redefining the boundaries of possibility, we’ll challenge you to push yourself, accelerate your ambitions and rise to new levels of excellence. We know that’s a big ask, so we’ll make sure that you’re supported all the way, getting the backing you need and the recognition you deserve. If you connect with our vision and can get behind it, you’ll be rewarded with countless opportunities to experience new things and enhance your abilities.

Let’s take on a challenge together!

You’re upbeat and enthusiastic, and you have an open mind and a curious, can-do attitude.

You, like us, understand the importance of collaboration and are driven to be the best in what you do.

You embody our three core values – to champion the client, learn fast together and raise the bar.

You want to be part of a proudly carbon-neutral company that will prioritise your wellbeing and that of the world around you, helping to create a brighter future for all. A company that embraces diversity and welcomes everyone with respect, regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, gender, identification, faith or culture.

If you’re inspired by our way of working and can bring something new to our team of top-notch people - you’ll find a home here.

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