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lululemon inclusive employer

Working at lululemon

lululemon is a technical athletic apparel, footwear and accessories company for yoga, running, training, and most other activities. Setting the bar in technical fabrics and functional design, we create transformational products and experiences that build meaningful connections, unlocking greater possibility and wellbeing for all.

We owe our success to our innovative product, emphasis on stores, commitment to our people, and the incredible connections we make in every community we are in. As a company, we focus on driving positive change to build a healthier, thriving future. In particular, that includes creating an equitable, inclusive and growth-focused environment for our people.

Our Values

Our Values - what we hold most important.

Personal Responsibility | We act with honesty and integrity, taking full accountability for our choices and their impact.

Inclusion | We remove barriers to equity so that everyone has a sense of belonging.

Connection | We build trusting relationships by valuing and celebrating each human’s uniqueness.

Courage | We have the heart and strength to do big, challenging, and important things for each other and our planet.

Fun | We infuse joy and laughter into all we do, which allows us to turn work into play.

Our Culture

We are a team of committed people who care deeply for each other, believe anything is possible, and relentlessly pursue our growth together.

Our Benefits

Investing in our people is a top priority. We believe that when life works, work works. Our benefits support our values and recognize our teams for their performance and dedication.

Sweat Benefits: We believe a daily hit of athletic-induced endorphins helps offset stress. And that sweat is the physical challenge that pushes us past our boundaries. Our Sweaty Pursuits program provides all employees with a monthly allocation of dollars to support big and small health goals.

Parenthood: Our Parenthood program provides paid leave of up to six months to global employees at all levels. The policy is gender neutral and applies to maternity, paternity and adoption leaves. The amount of paid time off depends on tenure, to honour the commitment of employees who stay with us over the long-term.

Gender Pay Equity: We believe that our people have the right to equal standards and stand for gender pay equality: equal pay for equal work. Built into our year-end review process, we address all findings and close any gaps on an annual basis. We have achieved 100% gender pay equity around the world, and, where we can measure, have also achieved 100% ethnicity pay equity.

Goal Setting: Our unique Purpose, Vision + Goals program and tools will enable you to declare what’s truly important to you—and set out to make it happen. By accessing your unique purpose, you’ll help fuel our company purpose – to realize the potential in every one of us.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action (IDEA) at lululemon

We commit to creating a welcoming, inclusive environment where everyone has a sense of belonging, can thrive, make an impact, and be celebrated. We believe in IDEA – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action.

“Inclusion puts our people – employees, ambassadors, guests, and business partners – at the center of everything we do, which is where our people ought to be.” Stacia Jones, VP, IDEA + Employee Relations + Compliance

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action (IDEA) is core to lululemon. In June 2020, we shared our commitments to accelerate our mission to drive meaningful, lasting change in the world and promote wellbeing across our communities. To learn more about these commitments, check out our careers site here.

Our Impact Agenda

Our Impact Agenda outlines our social and environmental commitments and multi-year strategies to contribute to a healthier world. Established in 2020 to guide our efforts internally and address the increasing need for systemic change in our industry and around the world, our Impact Agenda is informed by our values, progress, and learnings, and issues that matter most to our people, brand, and industry.

Our Pillars

We take a holistic approach to driving positive impact, and draw inspiration from the interconnectedness of our people, product, planet, and the communities we serve – when we focus on one, we also impact another.

Three pillars address critical social and environmental issues, each with a vision for success, goals, and commitments, and opportunities that support our business and ambition to be a responsible industry leader and do what’s right.

1| Be Human - our vision for creating environments that are equitable, inclusive, and foster growth for our employees, ambassadors, and the people who make our products (makers).

2| Be Well - our vision for advancing equity in wellbeing and contributing to conditions for the communities we serve to thrive.

3| Be Planet - our vision for minimizing environmental harm and restoring a healthy planet.

To learn more about our Impact Agenda and our pillars, visit our career website


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