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Pinkerton inclusive employer

Who We Are

Pinkerton is a global comprehensive risk and security management leader focused on delivering specialized risk advisory, investigations, protection solutions, and embedded SMEs. With over 170 years of legacy, Pinkerton has built unparallel institutional knowledge, while having sight into future risk businesses are facing.

Pinkerton clients rely on our family of thousands of employees and connected partners across 100+ countries to support their risk management and security needs. No matter when, no matter where, we pride ourselves on being there for our clients.

With an unified sense of purpose, our global force of Pinkerton agents and support functions band together to become something more than colleagues — we are a family. With every new career opportunity, we seek candidates with diverse experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds.

Our Values

'We never Sleep'—represents our allegiance to the core values of integrity, vigilance, and excellence, which are reinforced in the work we do and are woven into each client interaction. These core values represent the true spirit of Pinkerton and are ordered purposefully, serving as benchmarks and checkpoints by which all agents are measured.

Our values also makeup what we call the Pinkerton Code of Conduct, which was first established in 1850, and remains the code that Pinkerton agents hold themselves to today.

INTEGRITY: Our focus on integrity has allowed us to sustain a commitment to service, standards, and fairness throughout our 170 year history.

VIGILANCE: Our agents, analysts, and consultants offer you a level of attentiveness and alertness that—we believe—cannot be equaled by anyone.

EXCELLENCE: Our mission is to protect and create value for the companies we work with. To do this, we hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence in every project and every assignment.

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