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The Trade Desk inclusive employer
The Trade Desk

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About The Trade Desk

A media buying platform built for what matters.

Trusted journalism. Premium streaming TV. One-click commerce. All these amazing online experiences thrive on an open internet. And they’re all fuelled by relevant advertising.

That’s why we created an independent media buying platform designed for the open internet. One that helps marketers reach more customers in more places, with more transparency and choice at every stage — from planning to pricing to performance.

At its best, the internet is an open marketplace of ideas, content, and commerce. And we intend on keeping it that way. Because the open internet matters.

Working at The Trade Desk

Our leadership remains transparent and accessible, even in a state of hypergrowth.

We have an open-door policy that is felt in every office. With an environment of connection and belonging, we are set up to thrive. And we’ve achieved some amazing things with our technology. But it’s nothing compared to the award-winning culture we’ve built across our offices worldwide.

When you join The Trade Desk, you’re entering an environment built on empathy, collaboration, and ownership. Our collaborative teams play a critical role in shaping the future of our company and our industry. Entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged and teams aren’t tied to specific verticals, allowing for more opportunities to learn on a wider scale.

Our mentorship and engineering bootcamp programs are built to train you on all of our systems and tools. Here, you grow the way you want to grow. Work on the teams you want to work on. Do things that actually interest you. Wild concept, right? LEARN MORE

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At The Trade Desk, we’re committed to making digital advertising better, because the future of the open internet depends on it. We know we need a diverse, collaborative, and connected team to achieve our purpose – and we see inclusivity as the bond that holds us together.

We demonstrate our commitment through a strategy of education, celebration, donations to the community, diversifying our talent, and creating forums for internal dialogue and listening.

Throughout the year we organize employee-led panels and celebrations around a range of topics including Pride Month, Black History Month, Lunar New Year, Diwali, Ramadan, International Women’s Day, Hispanic and Latine Heritage Month, and more.

We support global events and conferences like Lesbians Who Tech, Afrotech, Grace Hopper, Women of Silicon Roundabout, and more to provide professional development opportunities for our employees and to recruit from more diverse candidate pools.

We partner with several organizations and charities that are working to improve and diversify our industry such as Brixton Finishing School, Manara, the AAF Mosaic Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, The Women in Programmatic Network, and more.

LGBTQIA+ Equity & Inclusion is at the Heart of our Culture

We seek to support, connect, and grow our LGBTQIA+ community in variety of ways. We have local inclusion networks in the UK, US, and Australia that advance inclusion topics and plan events, including around Pride and LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

We partner with and support several organizations that help improve our approach to LGBTQIA+ inclusion, connect us to LGBTQIA+ talent and advocate for the community. Last year we joined Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme and sponsored the Lesbians Who Tech Pride Summit. We are thrilled to be partnering with mGwork to help us connect with LGBTQIA+ talent and advance our internal approach to inclusion.

We are also committed to expanding awareness and allyship across the company. Last year we hosted a four-part training for all employees on Queer and Trans Inclusion in the Workplace, led by external expert May Nicholson. These sessions provided our global workforce with a baseline understanding of gender identity and expression as well as how to support queer and trans people in the workplace. This year we partnered with We Create Space, a Queer-led social enterprise, to host a panel identity and intersectionality.

In 2021 we introduced a new global fertility benefit for all employees called Carrot, which is available to all Trade Desk employees regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status. It was important to us to partner with a company that honors inclusivity for all, and we appreciate hearing how it has changed the lives of many families. Carrot fertility’s program covers fertility education and assessments, fertility preservation (egg, sperm, and embryo freezing), in vitro fertilization (IVF), acquisition of donor materials (egg, sperm, or embryo), and adoption related expenses.

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