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Life Insurance Actuary Manager

1. You will provide clients with traditional actuarial services (e.g., reserving, pricing and mergers and acquisition support), as well as leading edge services such as financial reporting and measurement, financial risk management, modelling, hedging, reinsurance, securitization, economic capital and solvency. In your role as an Actuarial - Manager Level you will be involved in:

* Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) and due diligence projects.

* Advanced financial modeling approaches and systems, e.g., designing valuation and Asset Liability Management (ALM) frameworks.

* Review of statutory reserving, fair value of liabilities, Embedded Value and appointed actuary report.

* Performance in areas related to financial risk, product distribution and capital issues.

* Regulatory changes of solvency framework, including Risk-Based Capital, Solvency II and C-ROSS.

2. You can expect to:

* Be at the forefront of issues that are shaping the insurance industry in Asia.

* Gain a wide exposure to a diverse range of actuarial projects.

* Work in a multicultural environment.

* Work with colleagues from a wide range of business disciplines.

To qualify, candidates must have:

1. ASA license and working experience in life insurance at least six years (FSA license is a plus).

2. Good at data analysis, presentation and reporting

3. Excellent market information capacity and initiative to contact potential clients.

4. Good speaking and writing ability of English and Chinese.

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