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TCF - LA - M&A Advisory



About the M&A Advisory team

Our M&A Advisory team consists of professionals with extensive experience in M&A advisory services at investment banks and securities firms. We provide a full range of seamless advisory services to our clients, from developing M&A strategies, selecting counter parties, conducting initial negotiations, shaping basic agreements, facilitating the due diligence process and final negotiations to execution of the final agreement and closing. Depending on the client's needs, we also team with other EY service lines and EY's international offices to provide high value-added advisory services.

  1. 国内外におけるM&A実行サポート
  2. M&A戦略の策定支援
  3. M&A戦略を実現するための候補先の選定支援
  4. M&Aプロセス管理および付随するアドバイス
  5. 買収・売却価格、株式交換・移転比率の算定 サポート
  6. ディール・ストラクチャリングに関する総合的アドバイス
  7. 各種条件交渉に関するアドバイス

  1. Provide M&A execution support onshore and offshore
  2. Provide support for the development of M&A strategies
  3. Support in providing potential buy/sell targets for our clients to realize their M&A strategy
  4. M&A process management and provide related advice
  5. Calculate buy/sell values, share exchanges and transfer ratios
  6. Provide comprehensive advice on deal structuring
  7. Provide advice on negotiating terms and conditions


  1. マネージャー
  2. シニア・コンサルタント

  1. マネージャー
    • プロフェッショナルファーム、投資銀行、証券会社にて5年以上のM&Aアドバイザリー経験
    • ブルーチップ企業をクライアントとするディールヘッドの経験
    • プロジェクト管理能力と実績のある営業およびビジネス開発
    • 強いリーダーシップとチームマネジメントの経験
    • バリュエーションやモデリングスキル
    • 日本語力必須且つ、ビジネスレベルの英語力。海外経験があれば尚可
    • クロスボーダー業務のプロジェクトマネジメント経験のある方は優遇
  2. シニア・コンサルタント
    • バリュエーションを含むエグゼキューション・スキル
    • M&Aアドバイザリー経験3年以上
    • ビジネスレベルの英語力
    • 投資銀行、国内証券のM&Aプロダクツ部門での職務経験が望ましい
    • CPA (日本・米国など)資格保持者は優遇

Requirements and qualifications

Open positions
  1. Manager
  2. Senior Consultant

Desirable skills and experience
  1. Manager
    • More than 5 years of M&A advisory experience within a professional service firm, investment bank, or securities firm
    • Experience as head of deals with blue chip companies as a client
    • Strong project management skills, proven track record in sales and business development
    • Strong leadership and team management skills
    • Extensive valuation and modeling skills
    • Japanese ability is essential, and must be accompanied by business-level English International experience is desirable
    • Experience managing cross-border projects is preferred
  2. Senior Consultant
    • M&A execution skills (including valuation services)
    • More than 3 years of experience providing M&A advisory
    • Business level English
    • Experience working in M&A products in investment bank or securities firm
    • CPA (US, Japan, etc.) certification preferred

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