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Lesbians On Chairs


The very worst of Lesbian erasure is upon us as our society embraces the mutilation of young lesbian bodies with chemicals and surgeries. How did we get here and how can we stop it?

Our panel is chaired by

Anne Ruzlyo, an Ex prison officer, who recently resigned as Women’s Officer of Bexhill and Battle Labour Party, has many years experience as a trade unionist, including serving on the TUC LGBT committee.

Our panellists are:

Sheila Jeffreys: a lesbian feminist writer and activist. She taught sexual politics at the University of Melbourne, where she is now a professorial fellow, before retiring to the UK in 2015. She is the author of 10 books, and her latest is The Lesbian Revolution: lesbian feminism in the UK 1970-1990, 2018.

Julia Long: a lesbian - one of the old-fashioned kinds that doesn’t have a penis. She has worked in education, local government, academia and the women’s sector, and is currently a researcher in the field of male violence against women. Julia is a long-time Lesbian Feminist activist and her book Anti-Porn: The Resurgence of Anti-Pornography Feminism was published in 2012 by Zed Books. She is currently writing a book on how men have managed to convince so many people – including most ‘gender critical feminists’ - that there is such a thing as ‘transgenderism’. Julia has the great good fortune to live in Lesbian Feminist community and wants all women to know that this is possible. Her hobbies include sitting on chairs, eating pizza and naming men as men.

Dovile Lapinskaite: graduate in politics, philosophy and history of art, lesbian radical feminist, activist and independent artists.

Julia Beck: a writer and organizer from Baltimore, Maryland. She helps produce a monthly radio broadcast for Women's Liberation Radio News. Last year, she represented lesbians at Baltimore Pride and on the Law and Policy Committee of Baltimore City's LGBTQ Commission. She is currently at the fore of the fight for women's rights in the USA.

There will be a bounty of merchandise to purchase, please bring cash.

We will be live streaming on Posie Parker Youtube channel.

The venue supply unlimited water and will be announced a few hours before the event.


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