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WorkPride 2023: Bringing Your Authentic-self to Work – What Does that Really Mean in Practice?

Employees who are able to be themselves authentically in the workplace are able to work more effectively and fit into their workplaces more smoothly as they needn't worry about the obstacles that otherwise would have been in their way. But how do we enable people to live authentically at work, and what does that really look like for employees? Our panel will be sitting down to discuss the importance of authenticity, but also how it can be implemented in a way that ensures everyone is able to work to their full potential. 

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  • Lewis Bell
    Lewis Bell
    Senior Technical Sourcer and UK Chair of B.proud (LGBTQ+ ER
    I want to create environments within companies that are truly inclusive, giving people from different race, gender, age, disability, and sexual orientation the confidence to be who they want to be and enjoy the career and success they deserve. I have worked for large global organisations to smaller family-run businesses and never had to deal with homophobic issues, the one time I did I left the company as they didn't see it as an issue if you have to go through this at the workplace and don't feel supported then this is a great place to find companies that can except you however just because a company has a policy or an award does not mean they practice this day to day I am proud of who I am and want to ensure that for people who have no voice are heard and represented both professionally and personally. If you are looking for advice on companies who are inclusive, CV help, interview prep please feel free to reach out.
  • M
    Saski .
    Saski .
    LGBTQ+ Inclusion Specialist Consultant
    Saski is a well established LGBTQIA+ Inclusion training consultant in both schools and the workplace. She is also a Life Coach and Mentor,  Official PRIDE Host, Interviewer for Podcast, Radio and online. Panel Moderator and Singer.  Saski’s mission is to positively spotlight the LGBTQIA+ community through these various strands of her work and create environments where everyone can be their true authentic self.  In addition she is also a Pride ambassador for Pride Life Magazine, and a PRIDE365 Champion. Saski has the unique ability to be versatile on a wide range of subjects, whilst engaging both her audiences and panellists, bringing about the best conversations for education and awareness. Humour meets grace and knowledge meets’s what Saski does best.  A keen advocate for positive promotion and equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community and all, Saski has appeared on several BBC TV and Radio shows and panels, promoting inclusion. She has also worked closely with a variety of charities and organisations, as an LGBTQ+ Inclusion trainer, interviewer, and Host.  Collaborations include Inclusive Companies, MyGwork,, Diva Magazine, Pride Life Magazine and various UK PRIDE’s, Mermaids and Diversity Role Models Youth charities, Clexacon, The British Youth Council and P3 Parenting Network to name but a few.  
Find out more here  and follow Saski on Facebook & Instagram @Saskisinger & on Twitter @Saskisinger1
  • Marcio Chapina Alves
    Marcio Chapina Alves
    Senior Director
    Fitch Ratings
  • M
    Lyle Lulich
    Lyle Lulich
    Senior Manager, Information Security Operations
  • Cheryl Hurst
    Cheryl Hurst
    Inclusion and Diversity Manager
    Lloyds Banking Group
    Cheryl is a behavioural scientist with expertise in career progression and inclusive design. She uses her knowledge of human behaviour and systems thinking to design and deliver strategic solutions to complex business problems. She also speaks, writes, and creates on the importance of fulfilment over achievement and the value of 'fun'. As an academic Cheryl explored barriers to career progression and earned her PhD in organisational behaviour and employment relations. She is the founder of PeopleGaps, a company designed to give people the capacity to investigate, diagnose, and put in bespoke solutions to People related challenges within their teams. Cheryl is a sought after public speaker and panellist, valued for her honest but informed voice on subjects related to equity, diversity, and inclusion, the future of work, and human behaviour. She's a passionate ally and member of the LGBTQ+ community. Cheryl joined the Risk Function of Lloyds Banking Group as the Inclusion & diversity manager in 2022.
  • Carl Price
    Carl Price
    Global Vice President, Pipeline
    Carl Price is a SaaS growth executive, currently leading new business and pipeline growth for rising tech giant, Freshworks. He's an executive member of the Forbes Business Development Council and GTM board advisor for Public Sector Network, a global B-Corp social enterprise. He carries over 15 years’ experience in high growth roles and is a leading expert in account based GTM strategies, digital sales and pipeline generation and management.
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