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WorkPride 2023: Collecting Data on the LGBTQ+ Community

As workplaces continue to monitor staff demographics, or companies continue to better understand the needs of the communities they serve, the need to ensure that data is being collected correctly and in an appropriate manner increases. Whether it's how to phrase questions or the data that can be collected, this panel will be exploring the ways that your organisation can make sure that its data collection is inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. Join us to learn more about best practices, and answer any questions you may have on this topic! 

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Sponsored by: RS Group and Novartis

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  • Jessica Franklin
    Jessica Franklin
    Diversity and Inclusion Advisor
    Clyde & Co
    Diversity and Inclusion professional
  • M
    Devin Ibañez
    Devin Ibañez
    Customer Success Manager and Public Speaker
    Devin Ibañez is the first openly gay Major League Rugby player and is dedicated to LGBTQ+ advocacy in sport. He hopes to inspire the next generation of LGBTQ+ athletes and make sport an inclusive space for them. Raised in Boston, MA, Devin played for Major League Rugby team, the New England Free Jacks, in their 2019 exhibition season. He won a gold medal while representing Team USA at the 2017 World Maccabiah Games in Israel. He also won the 2018 D1 National Championship with his club team, Mystic River Rugby Club. When not playing, Devin has coached rugby at Westlake Boys High School in New Zealand, his alma mater Brookline High School and most recently with the Northeast Academy. He holds a degree in sport management and education from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Devin was announced Global Ambassador for International Gay Rugby (IGR) in May 2021. He is now looking towards a career in Public Speaking and Community Engagement. As of December 2023, Devin joined myGwork as a Customer Success Manager, the largest global business community for LGBTQ+ professionals and inclusive employers.
  • M
    Razan Abdelgadir
    Razan Abdelgadir
    Diversity Equity & Inclusion Consultant
    Razan is a Chartered Member of the Institute of People and Development, she is an influential advocate and leader in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion. With a passion for social justice and a commitment to creating equitable spaces, Razan has dedicated her career to advancing the rights and opportunities of marginalized communities. With a strong educational background in Law, Learning and development and passion for human rights, Razan embarked on a path to empower others through education, advocacy, and community engagement. She has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in various contexts, including corporate settings, educational institutions, and social organisations.
  • H Harrison
    H Harrison
    People and Culture Partner
    Immersive Labs
    I am a People and Culture Partner at Immersive Labs, where I focus on onboarding new employees, employee experience, and cultural initiatives for our distributed workforce. I am passionate about promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging across all business functions. Since joining the company in June 2022, I have developed and implemented the company’s demographic data collection policy and processes in an effort to ensure fair and equitable treatment of our employees in relation to pay, promotions, and performance.
  • M
    Sophia Papadopoulos
    Sophia Papadopoulos
    Product Manager
  • Nicolas Franco
    Nicolas Franco
    Global Head DEI Race & Ethnicity
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