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WorkPride 2023: Neurodiversity Awareness - How Can Businesses do More?

As we learn more about neurodiversity and how it impacts people, it's vital that businesses reflect the diversity of their staff and consider how to enable everyone to work to their strengths. During this panel we'll hear from neurodiverse people about their experiences navigating the workplace, and discuss how your organisation can do more to ensure that barriers - big and small - for neurodiverse people can be removed.

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  • M
    Belton Flournoy
    Belton Flournoy
    Managing Director
    In addition to being a Managing Director in Protiviti’s Technology & Digital consulting practice, Belton is founder of Protiviti UK's LGBT+ group, which won best LGBT+ network in 2019 by the Inclusive Tech Alliance. Belton was shortlisted as a top 10 inspirational business leader in 2020 by the British LGBT+ awards, was recently listed as #18 on Yahoo Finance’s Top 100 Future Leaders, #15 on Yahoo Finance’s Top 100 Ethnic Minority Leaders and was featured on the top UK Black Role models, presented by Google. Belton was co-founder of Pride in the City with Pride in London where he ran a Mayor backed initiative dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusivity across London businesses.  In January 2021, Belton joined The Inclusion Initiative (TII) at the London School of Economics as an Advisory Board Member supporting their three-year innovative partnership programme bringing together research and practice to build more inclusive work environments. He has over a decade of experience supporting clients with deploying strategic solutions across some of the world’s leading financial services institutions, while maintaining a strong passion for ensuring diversity and inclusivity remain high on organisations business agenda.  He is extremely passionate about intersectionality, where he believes it is each person’s role to support other groups who are in the minority – “after all, we don’t want to preach to the converted, we want to educate and inspire people to be more aware and inclusive.” Belton also acts as an adviser to the UK Multicultural network, proCulture. He has experience delivering Cyber Security, Customer Experience, Identity & Access Management (IAM), Spreadsheet Risk and Compliance/Regulatory Risk programs across Europe. He has managed global teams across large organisations, as well as supporting small and medium-sized organisations to implement fit-for-purpose solutions. Protiviti is a global consulting firm that delivers deep expertise, objective insights, a tailored approach and unparalleled collaboration through consulting solutions in finance, technology, operations, data, analytics, governance, risk and internal audit. Please do not contact me if you require financial support.
  • Sunni Patel
    Sunni Patel
    Health Director and Founder
    Dish Dash Deets
    Dr Sunni Patel is founder of Dish Dash Deets; a specialist holistic health and gut health company. he holds over 15 years experience in senior corporate and global roles with experience in strategy, leadership and employee wellness programs also supporting EDI initiatives. He is a clinician scientist holding a PhD on risk factors for diabetes and heart disease and currently a certified PT and culinary medicine coach with a specialist interest in gut health. He discovered the power of plant based foods and lifestyle changes with his personal experience of living with IBD and IBS. He uses this knowledge and experience to coach clients and celebrities and supports companies with recipe development, catering and hosting large employee wellness events globally. He has been featured on the BBC, ITV and has regular health segments on BBC radio shows as well as leading press outlets including The Guardian, Daily Express and The Independent.
  • Kelsey Stobbs
    Kelsey Stobbs
    Administrative Assistant, Pharmacy and Retail Ops
    Kelsey Stobbs (she/her) is an Administrative Assistant at Walgreens and is based out of Louisville, KY. In this position she provides administrative support for the leadership team she resides on, coordinates meetings, technician certification courses, and serves as a connection between local leadership and store teams. Kelsey joined Walgreens in 2016 and has held several additional roles during this time including Pharmacy Technician, and Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician. As of November 2022, she serves as W Connect Lead for the U.S Pride Alliance BRG where she manages the BRG’s internal social media. Kelsey is passionate about creating engaging and inclusive work environments and giving back to her community. Through her work with the Pride Alliance BRG, she supports the creation of safe spaces and learning opportunities for LGBTQ+ team members and allies. Outside of Walgreens, Kelsey mentors with Big Brothers Big Sisters and participates in LLS fundraising campaigns. Kelsey graduated from the University of Louisville with a bachelor’s in English in 2020.
  • M
    Anna Lazar
    Anna Lazar
    Strategic Partnerships Manager
    Anna is the Professional Development Lead for the Autodesk MIND (mental inclusion, neurodivergence and disability) Network. Her goal is to support the professional development of MIND Network members and engage in opportunities for career growth and visibility. She is also an active member & ally in the Autodesk Women’s Network, Autodesk Black Network, Autodesk Pride Network, and others. In her day job, she is a Strategic Partnerships Manager for the Design & Manufacturing group in Autodesk, focused on Fusion 360. Anna lives in Seattle WA and enjoys exploring local restaurants and events, cooking, movies and the occasional outdoor adventure to the mountains for some snowboarding or camping.
  • M
    Stephen Cuppello
    Stephen Cuppello
    Senior Manager of Psychology
    Thomas International
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