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WorkPride 2023: The Do's & Don'ts of Trans Inclusion

Against the backdrop of increasing hostility against the trans community, it is vital that we - as allies - do everything we can to be inclusive and uplift our trans friends, employees, and family. Over the course of the hour, our panel will explore the things that you and your workplace can do to be more inclusive of trans people, as well as discussing the mistakes, misconceptions, and slip-ups that we can all learn from. Sign up now! 

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Sponsored by: EY and Pearson

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  • Liam Paschall
    Liam Paschall
    Learning & Development Specialist/Trainer/Facilitator/Public Speaker/Consultant/Project Manager/New Hire Onboarding/DEI Specialist
    Liam Paschall is a transgender man who promotes understanding, inclusion, and allyship. Liam shares a wealth of experience and knowledge to educate, inspire and encourage learning. He is a LinkedIn Top Voice and a sought-after speaker who has delivered engaging talks and presentations globally at conferences, corporations, and community events. Liam brings a unique perspective to every presentation and event, combining his personal stories with research to provide a comprehensive understanding of the issues faced by transgender people. Through his engaging and dynamic style, he encourages individuals and organizations to become allies and advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion. Liam has been privileged to present for various companies and organizations, including myGWork, DataStax, DataCubed Health, Drug Information Association (DIA), CISCRP, The Diversity Movement, Cisco, Red Hat, Honest Culture, National Medical Fellowships, Inc., and Credit Suisse. He has been featured in several publications: Contemporary Clinical Trials, Business Travel News, CenterWatch, and Clinical Trials Arena. He has also been a featured guest on numerous podcasts. Liam is passionate about creating a more inclusive world, a place of belonging for everyone. If you want to learn more about Liam, don't hesitate to contact him on LinkedIn. One of his clients describes him best: “If you have an opportunity to hear Liam Paschall speak or hire him – don’t hesitate. Not because he’s funny (he is). Not because he knows his stuff (he does.) But because he’s the kind of empathetic, generous, emotionally intelligent leader we need to hear more from. Work with him. You won't be disappointed.” This quote by Katherine Center is his philosophy in life, “You have to be brave with your life, so that others can be brave with theirs.” Industries worked with - information technology, clinical research, clinical technology, computer software, nonprofit organizations, healthcare, financial services Areas of Expertise: Active Allyship Trans Awareness & Acceptance Sex, gender, and sexuality Creating trans-inclusive workplaces Authentic Visibility: Embracing Transgender Visibility on LinkedIn Trans Inclusion & Understanding for Healthcare Workers What’s it like to be transgender? A 30-minute Q&A session Building Your Brand on LinkedIn Emotional Intelligence Leading With Empathy Licenses & Certifications: Diversity & Inclusion Certificate: Cornell University
  • M
    Nikki Phinyapincha
    Nikki Phinyapincha
    TransTalents Consulting Group
    Nikki Phinyapincha (she/her) is the founder of TransTalents Consulting Group, Thailand's first LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace consulting firm, aiming to help transform the future of inclusive businesses by empowering LGBTQI+ employees through an ESG and sustainability framework. She helps multisectoral businesses to reframe their diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) policy and practices to thrive profitably and purposefully. She believes in the power of communication to connect and collaborate people for "all" people. As a former PR director for 8 years specializing in branding and communication, she becomes a DE&I speaker, advocating for transgender professional leadership on both the national and international stage, challenging the status quo of traditional social stigma and the business community. She is also the chair of the PRCA APAC Pride Network, the country director of the ASEAN Youth Advocate Network, Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Professional Fellows Program (YSEALI PFP) 2022 awarded by US government and recently the Future List 100 by Koktail magazine. She also plays basketball and competes in the Spartan Race, fills her brain with people and power management books/podcasts, and has a network obsessed with growth.
  • Jack Johll
    Jack Johll
    Clinical Support Analyst
  • Jak Matthews
    Jak Matthews
    Diversity Equity and Inclusion Professional
    BT Group
  • Rena Barton
    Rena Barton
    Academy Customer Assistant
    Marks Spencer
  • Rica Paras
    Rica Paras
    Solution Architect
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