This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Shares Its Plans For Black History Month's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Program Manager Adam Boone shares what the company has planned for this year's Black History Month in the US.

What is your workplace doing to mark Black History month in the US this year?

Our Black History Month programming includes an educational layer – we've invited an educator to host an interactive company-wide webinar contextualising historical events and how they connect to the present day.

We have a community-building layer, where we're driving conversation around this year's theme Black Resistance.

And a commercial impact layer where we're supporting Black-owned businesses – our Workplace Experience team has stocked our US offices with snacks and beverages from Black-owned companies as an ongoing effort, not a one-off event for February. And our Black Community (we call our ERGs "communities") has invited Feifi Deer LLC, a Black-owned business, to cater lunch for all colleagues based in our NYC office.  

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