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How We're Supporting LGBTQ+ Parents at MSD

At MSD, we are committed to supporting the diverse needs of our employees and their families. Families have unique perspectives, experiences and values, so when an employee is expanding their family, we recognize that time to bond with a new family member is not only precious but should reflect the family’s unique needs.

Our global Paid Parental Time Off (PPTO) policy, introduced in 2021, ensures that employees worldwide have at least 12 weeks to spend with a new family addition, whether by birth, adoption or surrogacy, and for mothers, fathers and partners alike.

LGBTQ+ families often face challenges due to local laws, practices and social norms. In the majority of countries, our policies have always allowed birth parents to spend significant time with their newborn children. Our more diverse and inclusive global parental time off policy also provides significant time off to non-birth parents, such as fathers and partners, in order to ensure equal rights, fairness and equity for all parents.

One colleague in the U.S. has been vocal about why every company should offer parental leave. Read his story here.

There is strength in our differences – they help us create a better, more innovate company. Our global PPTO policy is designed with this in mind, embracing the diversity of our families around the world by providing flexibility and support.

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