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MSD: Driving Innovation in HIV Treatment for Nearly 40 Years.

World AIDS Day holds immense significance as a global observance dedicated to raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, commemorating those who have lost their lives to the disease, and showing support for those living with HIV. This annual event, observed on December 1st, serves as a crucial platform to educate individuals, communities, and organizations about HIV, as well as the importance of prevention, early detection, treatment, and destigmatization.

World AIDS Day plays a vital role in rallying people together to fight against stigma and discrimination, promoting access to essential healthcare services, and advocating for continued research and development towards finding a cure. It serves as a reminder of the progress made while also highlighting the challenges that lie ahead in achieving the global goal of eradicating HIV transmission. By raising awareness, fostering compassion, and encouraging action, World AIDS Day inspires a collective effort to address the impact of this global health crisis and work towards a future free from HIV/AIDS.

MSD’s been driving innovation in HIV treatment for nearly 40 years. This World AIDS Day, they marked the day with a global event highlighting their historic and ongoing commitment to the fight against this disease. Eliav Barr, Head of Global Clinical Development and Chief Medical Officer, and Carl Balibar, Senior Principal Scientist, MRL, shared accounts of MSD's past and present research and development efforts, from developing one of the first protease inhibitors, CRIXIVAN, to the groundbreaking work being done today. This event was hosted by the Rainbow Alliance and League of Employees of African Descent (LEAD) employee business resource groups from the company.

Meet the new generation making an impact on HIV

World AIDS Day is an important moment for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS to come together as a global community. In that spirit, MSD highlighted nine young leaders, identified by the International AIDS Society, whose work has positively impacted their communities and beyond.

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