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New Docuseries Explores What It Means To Be Both Queer And Christian

‘State of Grace’ is a new docuseries that explores what it means to be both LGBT+ and Christian - or a believer of any other faith. The series is hosted by Grace Selmer Baldridge, a lesbian who is married to a woman and the daughter of an Episcopal priest. 

Through this docuseries, Baldridge investigates why the LGBT+ community are so challenged by reconciling their faiths with their identities and why conversion therapy is so widespread while asking the big question ‘What does it mean to be a queer Christian in the U.S. today'.

“Scripture has been translated and interpreted over the ages by powerful people who codified their own biases into their work,” Baldridge says, speaking to ‘The Advocate’. “There's a misconception that a bible you buy today will have the exact same words as a bible in the 19th or 15th century. That's not the case. A bible from the 1920s will not have the word homosexual in it.”

The first episode of the series is called ‘The Life-Threatening Dangers Of Gay Conversion Therapy’ and it was nominated for a 2020 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Digital Journalism.

Watch the full episode below:

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