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Peru Has Been Found Responsible For Raping And Torturing Trans Woman

The Inter-American Court on Human Rights has ruled that Peru is responsible for the rape and torture of a trans woman. 

Azul Rojas Marín alleges she was forcibly stripped and beaten before two officers “sodomized her with a police baton” as the ‘Washington Blade’ reports. 

Although Rojas filed a formal complaint against the officers just two days after her assault in 2008 the Peruvian court “dismissed the investigation into the crimes of aggravated sexual assault and abuse of power.”

Now, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights accepted her case, nearly a decade later. The ruling orders Peru to “provide medical, psychological and/or psychiatric treatment” to Rojas and to prosecute the officers who tortured her. It also directs Peru to “track anti-LGBTQ violence in the country and develop a national strategy to respond to them”.

Gabriela Oporto Patroni who represented Rojas,  said that Rojas is “very pleased with the sentence”.

She added that “The Peruvian state in the entire process before the court, before the commission, all the time has denied the existence of discrimination against LGTB people in Peru.

“It is absolutely false that there is no discrimination against LGBT,” added Oporto. “The court has recognized that this context persists to this day.”

So far, Peru has not responded to the ruling. 

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