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Pool Player Forfeits Rather Than Face Trans Woman In Finals

A cis woman pool player was met with applause when she resigned Sunday and forfeited her place in the final game against a trans woman, according to ‘Washington Examiner’.

Lynne Pinches shook hands with Harriet Haynes before opting out of the finals for the English Pool Association’s 2023 Champion of Champions Ladies, according to a report.

Viral footage posted to social media captured the moment. In it, Pinches can be seen walking away from the pool table and packing up her cue as the audience appears to cheer and clap for her.

“Yes, Lynne!” one person cheers.

“F***ing right!” another appears to yell.

Pinches and Haynes had been vying to see who would break prior to the former’s decision to step away, according to the report.

Haynes has been a champion in at least eight different pool tournaments, the English Pool Association reported, and the pool player has been a member of the England Ladies Team since 2019.

Image Credit: Canva

“Full credit and great respect to my sister Lynne Pinches yesterday for taking a stand and not playing in the biggest match of her pool playing life because she feels it's so unfair to have to compete against a trans woman,” Barry Pinches, Lynne's brother, posted to Facebook.

“I completely agree with her view that it is totally unfair to expect women to compete against trans women in pool or any other sport for that matter,” he added.

Barry Pinches said he has no hostility toward trans people, but he does not believe it is fair to allow them to compete against biological women.

“For the record, this post is about fairness in women’s sport, that is all,” he posted. “I have no problem whatsoever if somebody wants to identify themselves as whatever they want to be and I have nothing against Harriet Haynes.”

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