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The Importance Of Allyship – Iain Rayner

Iain Rayner, Chief Operating Officer, St. James’s Place Wealth Management

Iain has been part of St. James’s Place Wealth Management (SJP) since 2007 and became Chief Operating officer in 2016. Within this role, he is responsible for establishing and maintaining key relationships with SJP’s largest Partner businesses, as well as Marketing, Learning & Development and other Partner businesses’ support functions. One of his key focus areas is supporting the people within SJP to develop themselves and he thrives off the interactions he has with the ever growing SJP community; over 4,477 Advisers and Partners, and over 2,000+ employees who are dedicated to continuing the growth and success of SJP.

As a member of the Inclusion & Diversity Council and as the Executive Sponsor of the LGBT+ agenda, he is delighted to be recognised as a LGBT Great Top 100 Executive Ally. “Being an ally means working together to develop greater understanding and empathy for others so that we can create a truly inclusive society.” He is committed to building greater diversity across the company’s board and his leadership shines through the work that he does to help increase awareness and support for the LGBT+ community. In 2019, he played a central role in SJP marking Pride which included the installation of the Pride flag outside the company’s headquarters. Iain has also encouraged others to support LGBT Great’s ‘Project 1000’ role models initiative, and a number of employees are engaged in different locations across the company. 

Iain comments: “I am delighted to be an executive ally to the LGBT+ community here at SJP and the industry more broadly. Allyship is important for creating a sense of openness and freedom to be your true self at work; this is the culture we want to create at SJP for all of our people, our clients and our investors. Developing allyship between employees of all diversities is critical in the modern world work and a principle I believe profoundly in.”  

Inclusion & Diversity | St. James’s Place (

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