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Boosting Your Wellbeing Through Social Interactions At Work

By Merel Helderman, Technology Intern at Synechron Inc.

Recently, one of my colleagues was having a difficult and stressful time. With Covid and everything else going on in the world right now, I don’t think that he is the only one experiencing these feelings. Due to restrictions and various work from home mandates, employees have less social contact and interaction. This is why I find that seeking opportunities to connect is more important than ever. I have compiled a list of my five top tips that I think are useful to achieve mental wellbeing at work. 

1. Be aware of the time that you spend on small talk and try to find out how the person you are talking to is doing.

2. Use different ice breakers, such as planning (virtual) coffees with your colleagues and keep encouraging interaction.

3. Get involved with passion projects, such as Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) groups.

4. Check out virtual events on sites such as Eventbrite or myGwork to work on your personal development and network with new people. You could also invite a colleague to attend with you. 

5. Participate in your workplace trainings so you are up to date with important topics such as D&I and can ensure you are contributing to a safe and inclusive work environment. 

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