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Top Tips To Stay Motivated Throughout The Year

The New Year is a perfect time to reflect and make changes, and when it comes to inclusion this is no different. Synechron’s Digital Designer George Parkes shares his top three tips for staying motivated throughout this year.


My top three tips for staying motivated in 2022, are as follows:

1. Write down your goals

I’ve set personal and professional short- and long-term goals that I want to achieve throughout, and by the end, of the year. These are written out on a board in my kitchen, making them real and set-in-stone. The short-term goals should keep me on the right track throughout the year as it can be difficult to motivate myself for things that are (at this point) nearly a whole year away.


2. Anticipate the roadblocks

It’s important to recognize that there will be moments when I may not want to do anything. It is unlikely that one will feel motivated all the time but pushing through in the short-term will contribute to one’s long-term happiness and sense of achievement. Knowing that the dips in motivation will happen means that you can be prepared for them, making it easier to persevere.


3. Keep yourself in a good mental state

Easier said than done, but I know that I generally feel good when I eat well and get into the habit of giving my hobbies the required time and energy they need on a regular basis. Recognize what contributes positively to your mental health and make the effort to do these things, even when you feel unmotivated.

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