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Fitch Group inclusive employer
Fitch Group

It has been over 3 years since I joined Fitch. What I value the most is the collaborative spirit among my colleagues and the opportunities I have to get involved with projects I enjoy. Even more importantly, the company has been completely supportive during the pandemic and has also appreciated our multiple ERGs even further. Fitch has been continuously offering the tools to grow, improve and promote diversity, equality and inclusion into our work space.

A product of diverse recruiting efforts, I joined Fitch full-time just five months ago in September 2020.

Fitch has proven to be the kind of inclusive work environment in which I am grateful to be. When individuals at Fitch approached the Executive Council more than two years ago with the idea to form its first Employee Resource Group, the Fitch Pride Network, they were met with earnest support. FPN has paved the way for other ERGs to be born since then.

While Fitch certainly stands out because of its product excellence, its focus on its people is paramount. Employees try to stay at Fitch for as long as possible, building up tenures longer than most I have seen at financial services companies. This is because Fitch fosters inclusion. I feel lucky to have found Fitch sooner rather than later on my career path, for I sincerely envision myself remaining at the firm for much time to come.

Fitch's culture is one of open-mindedness and forward thinking. It is for this reason that I encourage LGBTQ+ or otherwise marginalized individuals to consider joining Fitch Group.

I joined Fitch in June 2020 and since then I have found that it is an incredibly supportive and inclusive environment which provides amazing opportunities to develop professionally.

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