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GSK inclusive employer

I have worked for GSK for many years. It was never a particularly unaccepting place but quite a conservative culture. Over the last 5 years this has changed significantly. Initially driven by the employee resource group, Spectrum, and now more by the organisation itself with the setup of a Global LGBT+ Council and funding for the resource group. Overall it’s a great place to work and the leader in the space of LGBT+ inclusion in its sector.

Great friendly business with dramatically visible inclusion and progressive values & leadership - a large Spectrum ERG with other 1,000 members & allies helps ensure LGBTQ+ colleagues and issues are supported, and it’s reflected in the business’ top 10 Stonewall ranking. Working positively to include LGBTQ+ representation in their external advertising and comms. Not a perfect company at all, but inspiring to see leadership and allyship right from the top down.

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