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At Masabi, we are helping to make cities better places to live, work and visit, by enabling seamless, frictionless journeys on public transport systems. We are a technology company, developing a SaaS-based fare collection and ticketing platform that allows commuters to buy and present tickets for public transport on their mobile phones or simply by tapping a bank card to travel. At Masabi’s core, therefore, we are a mobile/digital payments platform tightly integrated into public transit systems - replacing existing legacy infrastructure with a cloud-based, full fare collection platform.

Proving ourselves as true innovators and category leaders, we launched a ticketing SDK - a first for public transit - allowing urban mobility providers like ride-hailing (Uber), journey planners (Transit), and bike and ride-sharing services, to integrate our market-leading ticketing platform into their applications, connecting services together for a seamless user experience. Current customers of Masabi’s SDK include Uber, Transit (NA), Jorudan (Japan) and Kisio/Keolis (France).

Ticketing systems like Masabi’s Justride platform used to take years to deliver and cost tens or hundreds of millions to deploy and operate. This is no longer the case as Justride is available on a revenue share model, meaning agencies only pay for what they use when they use it. It is a success-based pricing model for transit agencies - consumer funded, based on usage.

Justride is deployed in cities around the globe, including New York, London, Boston, Las Vegas, The Hague, Los Angeles and many more, with an exciting industry-first SDK deployment partnering with Uber in Denver which enables the purchase of public transport tickets right within the Uber application.

Having recently closed a funding round raising $20m, the business is planning its next stage of growth. We aim to add to the feature set of the platform, expanding our addressable market significantly, as well as continuing the successful push into new territories such as Asia, Western Europe and Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. 

We are 115 people headquartered in London with offices in New York, Boston and Cluj. 


We think that it’s crucial everyone in the Masabi family should believe in the mantra #LoveWhatYouDo.

 Masabi has come a long way since launching the first mobile ticketing application with Chiltern Railways in 2007. Since then we have gone on to revolutionise how the transport industry views ticketing. With the launch of JustRide in 2012 we began helping transport providers around the globe give their passengers a better journey experience and help reduce the cost of fare collection.

All this was possible by creating a culture of collaboration, innovation and communication. The products are only as good as the people that build them and at Masabi we hire the best people from the payment, transport and software industry.


We hold daily team meetings and company 'All Hands' every fortnight ensuring we are all pulling in the same direction. 


We facilitate and encourage collaboration between all of our teams and our offices around the world.


We encourage everyone to think outside the box helping us to continually innovate our products.


Since our inception in 2002, Masabi has tried to create a workplace that is equal for all employees as we believe that our best chance of success is through a happy and diverse workforce. From removing bias in pay reviews all the way to our gender-neutral bathrooms, we feel that Masabi is a welcoming home for people from all walks of life and we hope to continue this trend into the future as we expand our efforts by working with communities like myGwork. " 

John Scrooby - Head of People Ops

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    The last 18 months have been a testing time for businesses and their employees around the world.Faced with an unprecedented threat and no clear playbook on how to respond, Masabi – like thousands of other companies – was forced to ‘fly blind’ and respond instinctively to a constantly shifting set of challenges which, at times, seemed almost existen...

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    Radu C.

    First job that I actually love: cool product that actually has a positive contribution to the world and most importantly, great people that I can be myself around, with a similar moral compass when it comes to current world affairs. They value diversity and understand the importance of destigmatizing mental health at work.

    Diego J.

    Diversity and more importantly inclusion are the mainstay of many organisations and Masabi does it by the bucketload.

    Masabi has helped me to accomplish many of my career goals with no stones in the road.

    Gonzalo A.

    Masabi was/is my first employer in London (and the UK) but my experience after 3 years has been so positive that I can't imagine working for someone else at this point or anytime in the near future. From the very beginning they demonstrated to be a very open minded and humane employer when they supported both me and my partner on our move to the UK and my onboarding process was fun and transparent, where I had a lovely team lunch before my start date including ping pong and pints :)
    The job itself has been everything I was looking for providing lots of training and certification opportunities and the possibility to make big decisions about the platform that I wouldn't have had when previously working at a multinational Enterprise company like AWS.
    The workplace itself is fun and diverse, and we have some lovely people organising fun events even during the pandemic crisis. Yoga and mindfulness classes are also very welcome and nice to have.

    Jamie J.

    Masabi is a great place to work, and incredibly diverse and inclusive of any and every person. We work on a really cool product that potentially impacts the lives of millions of commuters around the world, and are known as a market leader at what we do. The company loves to celebrate our people: our successes, our diversity and really focuses on how we can all be better human beings, not just developers or product managers.

    Francisco G.

    From day one I've been impressed at how Masabi cares for its employees. It's not about the usual employee perks, but actively caring for our wellbeing. Throughout the pandemic employee care has been a priority, and we were always given support, both from the company and our direct line managers. Mental health is topic that is always talked about. We've had various talks on the subject, a team of trained volunteers who can give advise on how to get professional support, and even financial support for therapy sessions. Needless to say, diversity is actively celebrated! I couldn't recommend it enough as a place to work :)

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